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I have a problem with my new MacBook Pro Retina Display - every now and then all programs will spontaneously restart! I have been unable to figure out what triggers this, but what happens is that one second I'm working in any number of programs and the other all of them are restarting, plus some which were not even running before the event occured!


Any idea what could be causing this? I'm running OS X 10.7 with all the updates installed



MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    How many applications are running when this occurs ?

    How much battery life do you have when this occurs ?

    Did you have the power adapter connected ?

    Try Quitting all your running applications..


    Reset the PRAM - http://support.apple.com/kb/PH4405

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    I'll try this, but tell me how is resetting the PRAM suppose to help? (I'm curious, I don't know anything about it)


    The annoying thing is that I'm on full battery, and while last time it happened I was on battery power I think it also happened while I was plugged in. As per # of applications running - it has happened with anywhere between 4 and 7 applications    

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    Then you may be hitting a keyboard combo that is causing it or you may have set a HOT corner and you are accidentally swiping the touchpad to that HOT corner or have a swipe setting to show all programs.

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    Definitely not a hot corner, but maybe a shortcut - I guess I'll look under keyboard shortcuts, but is there really a shortcut that restarts all programs?

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    Well I think you are using the wrong terminology. The programs aren't really restarting as you never really shut them down. They are either opening a new window or bringing them to the forefront.


    If you really are seeing program Re-Open that you have REALLY CLOSED (Not just the window for that program) then something is FUBAR on your Mac.

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    Unfortunately, programs are indeed restarting - in Matlab all the variables are erased and it defaults to my, well, default view, while Safari re-opens and has to re-load all the webpages. What's even weirder is that new programs also start up (or actually just one, uTorrent)

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    Then you mean they are shutting down, first, automatically, and then restarting? That is not what it sounded like in your other posts.


    That is something totally different then what you first posted (Or I didn't read the first post all the way through. Which happens).


    Look in Console at the system logs for a clue to what is happening.

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    Hmm sounds like a saved application state issue and memory related.. I hate to ask are these graphic intensive apps. ?? games ??

    Try these two things and restart if it still occurs then i recommend contacting AppleCare


    disable the Resume and App Restore feature completely in Mac OS X 10.7.

    • Launch System Preferences and click on the “General” icon
    • At the bottom of the “Number of recent items” list, uncheck the checkbox next to “Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps”

    - Click on the Apple on the top left. Choose shutdown "Uncheck" Reopen windows when logging back in

    **use your mac normally just like you were if the issue reoccurs then contact AppleCare..  Enjoy..

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    I have the same issue, except the behavior i'm experiencing is that I'm spontaneously logged out, which takes me to the login screen.  When I log back in, all of my applications restart.  This happened about 5 or 6 times last night when I was unplugged with the retina display open.  Normally, I work in clamshell mode connected to a cinema display or thunderbolt display.  Thus, I thought it had something to do with the retina display being used.  I rebooted the machine, hoping this would solve the problem.  It happened again this morning while unplugged with the retina display in use.  It hasn't happened when connected to the display.

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    Same problem here, tried updating software/OS etc., no luck, I get the spontaneous logoff/Apps restart 10-15 times a day... on a laptop that costed $4,000...

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    I am having this exact same problem. Incredibly frustrating, as I teach technical classes at conferences, and this will spontaneously happen right before I have to get in front of people using my laptop to present.


    Apple, please fix!


    My specs:


    15-inch Retina MBP July 2012

    16GB RAM

    OS X 10.7.4, fully patched

    Running (randomly): MS Office for Mac, VMware Fusion, Finder, PReview, Tweetdeck, Google Chrome

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    Update: I upgraded to OS X 10.8 and so far the problem has not occured, hopefully that's all you need to do!

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    I upgraded yesterday and haven't seen the issue yet, either. Will post an update in a few days, but seems a lot better already.