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This is a new condition! It started after I did a safe uninstall of some applications, which seems to have triggered some problems - some were resolved with disk utilities, but the fan comes on ans stays on unless I close the laptop.  soon after reopening, it fan comes on.  I am not running anything but Safari at this point.  This is a late 2009 MacBook Pro, running the latest OS.

Thanks for your help!


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    Notebook fans run continuously, so unless there's something else you haven't described this is quite normal.

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    The computer is running hotter than usual, the temps are HD 101 and CPU 200 F.  something called coreaudiod is running from 23 to 80% CPU on actiity monitor, and avgcmgr is 60 to 80 - I think is it connected to antivirus software that was not running properly and I have tried to safe-unistall, but haven't gotten off yet...

    The fan is at 6100 or so, which is pretty high to have on ALL the Time! That is what I meant by fan running all the time.

    Thanks for any help!


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    Open Activity Monitor in the Utilities folder.  Select All Processes from the Processes dropdown menu.  Click twice on the CPU% column header to display in descending order.  If you find a process using a large amount of CPU time, then select the process and click on the Quit icon in the toolbar.  Click on the Force Quit button to kill the process.  See if that helps.  Be sure to note the name of the runaway process so you can track down the cause of the problem.


    Uninstall your anti-virus software from AVG. Anti-virus software isn't required.

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    Do an SMC reset.

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    carl wolf wrote:


    Do an SMC reset.


    That's for if the fans are running with little or no high CPU activity.


    The OP obviously has some sort of runaway process and likely other issues, so the uninstall of whatever went wrong using the developers uninstaller instead should clear the issue.

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    Thanks, I have, after much research and plodding around with "stuff", resolved my problem.  I found from Activity Moniter that the coreaudiod was the culprit (still don't know why it went rogue), and some guy on Apple Support Community had posted how he fixed his. A rare problem with many solutions, but not all work for everyone!  I am mentioning all this here in case some other nice person makes it this far!

    Over and out


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    I simply went into activity monitor and had seen that the adobe resource synchonizer was running at 82% cpu, I forced it to quit and fan stopped running almost immediately and hasn't been a problem since. What a relief my fan was starting to run more and more frequently and at higher and higher rpms and I couldnt find a fix online forever it seemed, hope this is what your experiencing and it helps.

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    I had this very problem. Took me a few days (maybe a couple hours) poking around on the web, trying this and that. No luck.


    Then I went into activity monitor, where the avgcmgr process was always popping up by itself, oftentimes many instances of it. Doing the "force quit" whackamole thing was getting old... so I did a "sample process", and in there found a path to the file that was spawning this problem:




    That is, through "Finder" -> your macHD/opt/avg/avg9/bin/avgcmgr


    I went in there, selected all files in the /opt directory, dragged them into the trash, and emptied the trash.


    System told me it couldn't get rid of about 10 files due to them being in use. FINE. Restart. First thing, opened Acivity Monitor, thing hadn't spawned yet. Emptied trash. BAM.


    So far, it's been about an hour and no more whackamole. I think it's dead. I'll repost here if I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.

    Everything else seems to be running fine/as normal, with no screaming fan and choppy performance.


    I have NO IDEA what caused this. If anyone here does, please share.



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    Macbook Pro mid 2009 fans run continuously.  iStat only sees one fan running at 1999 rpm.  I opened it up and both fans are running.  CPU >90% available. Temperature for all that istat shows are 40 degrees C or less.


    The fans started behaving like this right about the time I updated to new mac OS. 


    Everything works fine, but the fans constantly running is holding me back from upgrading my RAM thinking there may be an underlying problem, for instance why would istat only report one fun running when both are running?


    I would appreciate any suggestions and hope my description might hone possible causes down to a handfull.  Heat, runaway programs would be eliminated as causes I assume.d

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    Wow, I was about to open up my Macbook Pro until I decided to search online first... I found this entry and did as told... It turns out there was a program called "Kies" running 95% of my CPU. It's a Samsung Software to sync their tablet. I got rid of their lame tablet months ago - now their software went to the trash too!!


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    I had the same problem, the fan was running whilst looking at this top i did what was mentioned above and came to realise itunes was using 100% CPU!! force quit and now the fan has turned off..... interesting. anyway of solving this? as now it seems my fan has stopped coming on unless i open itunes :/


    thanks in advanced

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    In my case, it appeared to be the latest version of the Sparrow mail client. This one was tricky, because Activity Monitor showed normal CPU usage an nothing jumped out at me as abnormally high. I started closing out programs one by one. Couldn't quite track it down. As I was reopening programs, I noticed my fan was much quieter and I still had yet to open Sparrow back up. Then I thought about how Sparrow appears to be constantly downloading your entire mailbox in the background (you can see your scrollbar growing smaller and smaller if you pay close attention...after a while it gets really tiny and only briefly appears...but you can still track it). If you have Sparrow installed and running, I'd start by closing it out first and waiting a few minutes (10 minutes at the most) to see if your fan calms down. If it doesn't, kill the next suspected program and repeat the process.

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