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I would like to produce and sequence my tracks on my MPC 1000 and then dump them into garage band. How is this possible without using the midi feature?


Also, I  am using an m-audio mobilepre (2 ch) - I also have an mbox...which is best for use with garage band (I am new to Mac and Garage Band - former protools user on my PC)?

OS - Lion 10.7

2 external hard drives 500g and 2 tb respectively.


Any links to youtube or pdf files would be helpful and appreciated.

iMac, iOS 5.1.1, lion so
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    Are you sequencing them as MIDI files or some other, more specific, type of file? I still have an old Korg on which I sequenced hundreds of songs, but all using the inbuilt software instead of MIDI. If you are sequencing as MIDI, I don't understand why you'd not want to import them into GB as MIDI files. But that's beside the point: if you don't want them to end up as MIDI files, you can import them as audio files. You know--L and R out of your machine, into the computer. Then, they're audio files and you no longer have any editing capability, apart from EQ and FX which apply to the whole thing. Sorry if that doesn't answer the question.