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I was having prob w/my iMac running slowly, and Safari was wonky.  Read that I should remove misbehaving programs & reinstall.  Did that, now all of my photos                         

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    if you had no backup, your photos are gone.

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    Sounds like to me you don't understand how Mac OS X file management works, and shouldn't be removing programs. Be sure to stop me at any step if you don't understand what I am saying before trying to do anything in particular.


    1. Go to the Finder icon in the Dock

    2. Select Go menu -> Home Submenu.

    3. Click ONCE on the Pictures folder.

    4. Click on Get Info in the File menu.

    Tell us how many bytes you have in the Pictures folder or package?

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    shldr2thewheel, don't jump to conclusions.


    Many utilities exist that can recover data quickly.   Also all they said was they removed programs. If they removed iPhoto but the pictures are hidden in the Pictures package, a simple reinstall of iPhoto will solve the problem. This is why we need to step by step determine what is wrong.  If the pictures folder is too small, then a data recovery program is likely to be needed, or the pictures were stored somewhere else than with iPhoto.  But we can't jump to conclusions without facts.

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    Hi A Brody;

    Thanks for your response. My husband posted the 1st querry.

    I drug Safri to the trash. Then reinstalled it. Things seemed to be better. I had never empied trash in two years and decided I should. It took all day and night to delete 69,000+ items. When all was done I could not open iPhoto! It was empty.

    I knew I could recover most of the recent ones from Cloud or my iPhone. However I cant access the Cloud, it says it is in use by another account. I had over 8,000 pics and I'm hoping they are just hidden somewhere. I followed your directions to view picture count but, that is only a small folder containing 22 pics I have scanned.

    However when I look at same info for iPhoto it lists 664,840,880 bytes (693.2 MB on disk).

    I use an external hard drive for back-up but,  have had no success restoring iPhoto.

    When I try to open iPhoto it does not reveal my previous file name, it's like brand new and want me to set a new program. When I try that the cloud won't download my pics cause it being used by my old account and if I transfer to new, it will shut off old.