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    Please do not post a "fix" until you have tested it for a week at least.

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    As I stated before I WAS having the same problem with my 9 day old Apple TV!! Yes 9 days of it running without a hitch!!

    nvlulu wrote:


    I cannot get my Apple TV to connect to WiFi.  I have tried rebooting, reconfiguring etc and nothing works.  My computer and Ipad are connecting, just not Apple TV


    Solution! : Took it back to Argos and got a replacement which is working at the minute will keep you posted if this changes in the near future!!


    Found Apples removal quite a shock in the last month I purchased an i7 iMac over £1800.00, partner purchased me a new ipad for my Birthday 10 days ago £499 with my birthday money I bought a time capsule £250 and Apple Tv £99 not to mention we both have an iPhone 4s!!  So I dont say it lightly when I say come on Apple sort out this problem with the ATV3!! Your loyal customers are waiting!!!


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    I see the host is now editing my post rather than deleting them!!!  









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    I've just connected an ethernet cable to my Airport and reinstalled the software on the Apple TV.


    The ethernet connection worked but disconnect the cable and the WiFi isn't there.


    My Mac, PCs, iPod, iPhone and iPads are all seeing 6 networks (mine and the neighbours) but Apple TV is refusing to see anything (which it did in the past).


    Given there is 3 clear metres between the Airport and Apple TV, I can rule out interference.


    Maybe it is saboutage from the IOC so we have to watch the Olympics!

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    Add me to the list of people who are having this problem. ATV3 was working fine - then in the middle of a show it disconnected from the network. In the Settings, only one bar and no wireless networks would show up. I brought the ATV and set it directly next to my NEW Airport Extreme and still nothing showed up. I connected it w/ the ethernet cable and it worked, but that isn't a solution for me...! Is Apple doing anything about this? Has anyone found a solution?

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    I see more and more people with same problem showing up all over the Internet

    with no solution in sight.. tried literally everything with no luck..


    I really hope apple solves this because i specially upgraded to my MacBook

    air and bought apple tv just for AirPlay and now it doesn't work :((


    please all keep reporting to apple so maybe they do something about it!

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    Please do not post a fix until you have checked it works for more than a week at least. Apple should know many of its customers will decide to get out of Apple's gated application enviromentand and  buy a Boxee, unless this apple TV inability to maintain wifi connection issue fixed.

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    I started all this and after weeks of others writing with the same problem took back my Apple TV to the store.  They were very unhelpful and unwilling to admit that this product is defective in any way, so felt I had to make a statement.  Maybe if their stores are flooded with returns they will pay attention! 

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    Add me to the list of people having this problem. So frustrating that it's clearly a defect in the product... I was hoping to come across an easy solution when I googled this. Sigh. Is it all of them? Replacing it won't help?

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    Same Problem on wifi, no wifi is visible but works fine on ethernet cable. Is there a solution to this problem yet. No response from apple.

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    Hi again!!


    Ive been watching all the activity on this since I posted a couple of weeks ago.  One of the guys in our office used to work for Apple and together we *may* have found a solution.  All I can say is this worked for us, so if others could try and post their results then that would be great!!  Ill make the procedure as simple as possible, so even the non-tech savy should be able to follow....


    1) Ensure you have the latest version of iTunes

    2) Unplug everything from the ATV

    3) *First* connect ATV into your computer via mini-USB cable

    4) When ATV is connected to your computer, plug ATV into wall socket (power)

    5) Wait for ATV to appear in iTunes and then click on it

    6) Click 'Restore' button

    7) Say 'Yes' to all the 'Delete Everything?' questions

    8) Wait while firmware is downloaded and installed - Do not unplug anything!

    9) When iTunes tells you, unplug everything and plug back into TV

    10) WiFi is back!


    As I said, this worked for me, so Id be interested if it works for others.  My setup is:


    - iTunes 10.6.3

    - MacBook Pro running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

    - ATV 3


    NOTE: Restoring/Updating over Ethernet did *not* fix the problem for me.  Only updating via USB seemed to fix the issue.

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    tried your exact method, doesn't work..


    already thought could't be any different than restoring from within atv

    with lan cable wich i already tried and as i suspected.. nothing


    came into the setup like when u first bought it, no wifi to be found, go back to

    settings.. 1 bar showing at wifi strenght signal but no wifi's to be found once again


    starting to suspect there is no other way than getting a real update by apple...


    keep this topic alive folks or we will keep facing this problem..

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    Hi Apple, we're still stuck with no access to wi-fi with our ATV3...a solution or some type of response would help before the tech blogs start picking up on this issue and more bad press is headed your way...

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    Scan the Support Community sites and you will find: Apple TV losing connection is prevalent. The many postings point out the problem occurs with:-

    1 Apple TV1,2and 3;

    2 with different brands of router including Airport Extreme;

    3 with current and past versions of iTunes;

    4 after varying periods of working well.....minutes, hours, days;

    5 losing connection with Home Sharing and losing Airplay;

    6 whether the router and Apple TV are in same room or separated by distance;

    7 after trying innumerable posted 'fixes';

    8 after exchanging for a new Apple TV;

    9 with all the recent operating systems -Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard and Lion.

    10 when it loses wifi, the ATV will work immediately if you plug in the ethernet cable.....Steve Jobs called the ATV a hobby, but Apple products are supposed to be better than this.

    I suspect frustrated  readers just give up trying, rather than find a fix, which is why I invite readers to please don't post a fix until you check it works for at least a week.

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    well, i already spend a lot of my precious time going trough

    lots of websites, methods of fixing, tried rebooting, restoring and

    all that is possible so i fear even if i spend 100+ more hours on it

    it will still come to the same point: wait for apple to fix it..


    if they don't they will lose me and many others as a customer

    and get bad publicity lets see if they care.


    imo it should be the customers who have to solve their bugs,

    ok for a little troubleshooting but comon.. what more can we do?

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