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I set up an account for mai that I no longer want. It is not the main account but an additional on. How do I delete it.

Mac OS X (10.7.4)
  • CT Level 6 Level 6 (17,010 points)

    From Mail Help:


    Remove accounts

    Removing an account removes the account information from Mail and deletes the account’s mailboxes and messages that are saved on your computer.

    WARNING: Deleting a Post Office Protocol (POP) account permanently deletes its mailboxes and messages from your computer and cannot be undone. However, if you’ve been backing up files using Time Machine, you can use it to recover previous versions of deleted mailboxes.


    1. Choose Mail > Preferences, and then click Accounts.
    2. Select the account you want to remove.
    3. Click Remove (-).

    Removing an Exchange or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) account doesn’t permanently delete the account’s mailboxes and messages because they are stored on the mail server. To retrieve the account’s mailboxes and messages from the server, add the account again in Mail.

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    I was able to delete a no longer needed mail account, but when I go to compose a new email, the account name is still in the from drop down menu.  I tried sending an email from that deleted account name, and it sends it from the primary email account.  I would like to delete the name from the drop down menu.  Any advice on how to do that?



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    actually the removal of account using Preferences >> select given Account >> remove button does NOT really removes the account.

    And this is THE problem (business sensitive emails, credentials).

    Just as "pedrosd" wrote, something is still stored (maybe even credentials)..  in my case whenever i compose a new mail, a popup appears about the certificate of this my "removed" email account which needed for the address book synch !!


    Is there any way to REALLY remove email account details from OSX Mail app...????   (or this IS a very bad BUG, and i have to format the whole drive, burn it and throw it to a deep sea...)


    Thanks in advance!! !

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    Try going to MAIL > Preferences > Accounts Tab


    Then where it says "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):" click on the drop down and you may see the deleted accounts still there. If so click on "Edit SMTP Server List..." at the bottom


    Now you can select the accounts you don't want and click on the "-" button.



    Fingers crossed this solves your problem.

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    uHello JJCDesign,


    thanks for the hint. Well, unfortunately it did not help..

    (The SMTP server has alredy been removed previously.)



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    Thanks CT you really helped now i can use my new account thank

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    Holzfreiweiss wrote:


    Is there any way to REALLY remove email account details from OSX Mail app...????


    Removing an account via Mail > Prefrences does not remove the folder where Mac OS X Mail stores related account data.


    To remove this folder:

    1. Open a Finder window
    2. Menu: Go > Go to Folder...
    3. Type: ~/Library/Mail/V2
    4. Click the Go button
    5. Identify the account's folder:
      1. The folder naming convention is: PROTOCOL-ACCOUNT@SERVER
        1. Gmail example:
          1. Account:
          2. Folder:
        2. Exchange example:
          1. Account:
          2. Folder: EWS-baz\
    6. Right-click the account folder, and select Move to Trash from the pop-up menu


    As always, when you're deleting folders/files, please exercise caution. If you delete something by accident, go to the Trash, and put it back.

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    I did not find a folder with the account I wanted to delete, but I did find a file (with find and grep) at that path which has the offending old account info:



    Quit Mail

    Opened the plist file in TextEdit

    Looked under "<key>EmailAliases</key>"

    Deleted these lines:





      <string>Junk Thing</string>


    Saved the file, quit TextEdit and start Mail


    Same stuff just reappeared in that file.


    Searched other plist files under ~/Library/Preferences/ but found no matches for the old account info.


    Also tried this but got no matches:

    defaults read | grep -i oldacct


    Still not sure where this is stored such that it reappears in the plist file after starting Mail.


    Any guesses out there?

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    This is a simple answer for a problem I just happened on. Go to Mail>prefences>accounts>highlight the account you want to delete> advanced> unclick 'enable this account'


    And that's it! All gone from the list

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    See below; works like a charm.

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    ericblanding did you every find an answer, this is exactly the problem I have.  Same experience with editing the plist :-(

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    finally i managed to find that deleted Exchange account:


    It was in "System preferences" (not in Mail pref.-s) somewhere, likely below Internet accounts.

    (meanwhile my OSX is 10.9.1)


    Good luck!!

  • Holzfreiweiss Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    maybe you want to use EasyFind (free) app that can really help searching through your HDD (e.g. for content).

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    Go to your Home folder

    Open the Library folder

    Find the Mail folder and open it

    Find the folder which has the name of the email account that you want to delete

    Move it to trash


    I hope it helps

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