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I'm welling to buy the new Macbook Air i customized the one came with 8 GB Ram but i'm little confuse which one will work better on large programs. Because i used to design some pages using photoshop so i need it to be fast and not stopping every time !


Could you please tell me if the one with 256 GB or 512 GB is better and why !


Thanks in advance

MacBook Air
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    By the way it is Core i7.

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    The important items are 8 GB Ram and the i7 processor.  The amount of SSD 256 or 512 is just a decision on how much storage space you'll need for your data and applications.  (the old disk space).

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    You've already chosen the two options that have the most influence on the computer's speed by upgrading the RAM to 8GB and selecting the i7 processor. Which drive you choose isn't going to affect the speed of the computer.


    Which drive you select should be determined by how much stuff you need to save on the computer and whether you are willing to keep some data on an external hard drive. For example, with a 256GB SSD, I cannot keep all my music and movies on my computer (and even if I had a 512GB SSD I couldn't). I determined that I could easily work with a 256GB drive and store most of my music and movies on a network accessible drive at home.