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I've got a problem. I have about 200 burned DVDs which were created using my LG VHS/DVD recorder/player. I have used these same DVDs to burn from my external LaCie DVD buner with my PPC G5 running Tiger and my LG Blu-Ray burning with my MacBook running Leopard and those burns plays fine on all 3 devices. However, neither the LaCie DVD burner nor the LG Blu-Ray burner seem able to read/mount the DVDs created with the LG VHS/DVD recorder/player although the G5 and the MacBook, both using Disk Utility, can see that there is data and the size of it on each disk. I am also unable to create a disk image for some reason as it begins but halts saying there's an I/O error. I need to get the content of these disks onto Hard Drives to rip and encode. How do I get the computers to mount these disks which they clearly see are not blank?


Thank you

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)