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hi all, I am rather new here with servers, and i had one mac mini server setup and working using a domain name, and now that's changing (where the static IP address will not). So I am wondering if there is a tutorial on what to fix inside of the server to make everything right again, ie. DNS. I suppose I start with hostname, but are there a bunch of little gotchas as well? thx so much for your help!

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    Actually, I have 2 minis, one was set up to be inside the org (not on the internet), but that's going to change as well, ie. it's going outside with a new name and IP address. Certificates seem to something that needs changing eh? Well, look forward to some guidance from the community...

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    DNS is always first.  Change your DNS first and test it using nslookup or dig. 


    Once your DNS is changed, then use the changeip command line tool.  Stop all services that you can.  Then the easiest way to use it is to run this first:


    sudo changeip -checkhostname


    This will give you a result telling you that there is a name (or IP, or both) mismatch and suggest to you the exact command to run to correct this.  Simple add a sudo in from of the suggested command and run it.  This may prompt for some additional passwords, particularly if you set up an OD Master.  Follow the prompts.


    When complete, rerun the sudo changeip -checkhostname command to ensure that everything is reporting back correctly.  And while not technically required, I generally will reboot the machine and then run the -checkhostname a third time to make sure everything stuck.

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    Yes.  Certificates are based on fully qualified domain name.  If your certs are for server.domain.com and you are changing to mini.host.com, then you will need to purchase and issue new certs.

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    Wow, this is great, just what I needed, thx so much. I do have an OD master and I noticed that the replica (mini2) as it sits now has the wrong name as it shows up in the OD Master settings. Do I have to go thru making a new replica, or does it all get sorted using the above procedure on both boxes?


    On certs, I had not purchased an SSL yet, but I do have those push certs... I guess I just generate new ones in server.app yes?


    Well, thx again!

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    WIth the replica it is easiest to simply depreciate to standalone and then recreate the replica.  Otherwise it is too much of a headache.