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Macbook Air 13" (2012)


AU Lab will not route audio to Saffire 6. I'm creating an EQ for the overall audio on my Mac - if I set to output through internal speakers, it works perfectly - but if output is set to Saffire 6, AU Lab won't even recognise an input from Soundflower, let alone send an output to the interface.



MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I have virtually the identical problem. AU Lab will output audio to my MacBook Pro built-in output (laptop speakers), but will not send output to my UX2 audio interface.


    I'm using Soundflower as a virtual input as well.

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    Same problem here: Soundflower-Input and AU-Lab Output not working if assigned to Nubert nuPro A-20 internal USB audio interface. Works fine with integrated iMac audio.

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    Fixed it: When switching output to USB device, the input channels changed as well. Manually moving (click & drag) inputs to "Soundflower Input Stream #1" worked for me.

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    Click and Drag, eh? How do you do that? I've got the same problem.

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    In my case, the following steps worked:

    1. setup new document with routing "Soundflower (2ch)" to "Output (integrated)"

    2. show the "Studio" drawer from Window menu

    3. select usb audio as output (in my case called "UAC35568")


    After step 3, the soundflower input did not work any more. Instead of "Soundflower Input Stream #1" the channels 1 & 2 called "Stream 1" were selected.


    4. Click the red input channel bar and drag it to channels 3 & 4 "Soundflower Input Stream #1" ("Soundfl...tream #1" in the image)


    After changing the input channels, everything worked fine for me.


    Here is a screenshot of how it looks in the end:


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    Ahhh. Brilliant. Thanks man!

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    I'm not as smart as you but really nice directions!  I'm trying to output AU Lab thru USB to my Lexicon Alpha and I can get sound through both the Alpha and the onboard iMac speakers but the eq only effects the onboard speakers.

      I'm really only trying to get a global bass boost (much like the old loudness button) when I'm listening at low volume.

    Any ideas would be helpful and sorry to be a pita to you all!



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    Thanks very helpful

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    Hey all, first I am SOOO glad I found this as I was going nuts trying to figure this out.. The post from addressler is totally correct, however I just wanted to chime in that if you are using ARC 2 room correction plugin within AU Lab, you should not forget to change your DAW input/output to "Soundflower (2ch)" as well so your mixes are going through the plugin, but bouncing of your audio is not being affected. I am using AU Lab to listen to music, produce music in my DAW and correct my room acoustics so this is important.


    Additionally, and perhaps this is an anomaly on my system, but I noticed that I had duplicate (slightly delayed) audio playing causing some phasing issues on playback when using soundflower. I fixed this by leaving all routing the same, but simply quitting Soundflower. I know it sounds crazy, but I quit soundflower and still have my Preferences audio ouput, Au Lab input, and DAW (Logic Pro 9) input AND output set to Soundflower (2 ch) and it works like a charm.


    I have AU Lab set to open on startup. Only thing to remember is that when it comes time to track or use your interface to record into the DAW, you must switch the DAW input/output to Saffire (or interface of choice), otherwise your interface is merely your playback device (Soundcard) and does not offer any preamp input options.


    Hope this helps someone!

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    I know it's late, but for everybody who wants to use soundflower and AULab:
    Yes it works with the channels of the input ordered correctly.



    I wouldn't recommend using these two tools. It produces a clicking in my speakers.
    And I don't think that's healthy for them nor is it fun too hear.


    Is there a clicking your speakers too? imaybe it's just laggy somehow? But it's even
    there when no effect is active…