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     My iPod Touch that I have now is not so good. When I try to play apps on it the apps close and when I have 3 bars the app store never loads so I can't delete the apps and get them again and I can't update them! It dosn't have a camera like most of the iPod Touches do so I can't take videos and pictures. It also can't record audio unless it has a microphone plugged into it and I am sad that I can't do all the things on mine that my friends can do on theirs so... Here are my questions...


1) If I get a white iPod Touch (4th gen.) with 8GB does it coast $199.99? I saw it but I just want to make sure before I order it and buy it.


2) Also if I got the Mickey Mouse case (4th gen.) will it protect my iPod Touch well if I accidently drop it?


3) How can I fix my problem with my apps? (I tried turning off my iPod Touch and turning it back on, and it didn't work. I tried deleting things and that didn't work either!)



                                                 ~ Please answer my questions if you can

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