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I have the Time Capsule that I have the WI-FI turned off and I have the New Airport Extreme that I have as my WI-Fi and it works great. I just got the express to extend the network and that is setup also and works great. My question is I am comming off my U-verse router to the TC and then from the router to the Extreme, should I just go off the TC to the Extreme or is it ok the way I have it/ I have seen some articales that have it come of the TC. Any tips on this would be great. Thanks

Time Capsule, Windows 7
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    If the TC and AirPort Extreme are close together, then it is fine to turn off the wireless on the TC and use it as a backup drive while the AirPort Extreme provides the "main" wireless network.


    If the TC is located a few rooms away, and you need more wireless signal coverage in that area, then you might consider configuring the Time Capsule to provide a wireless signal.


    No sure what you have seen in the way of articles, but the TC and the AirPort Extreme are the same router....the TC just includes a hard drive.

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    Yes I know that but the TC is the first Gen and the Airport extreme is the new one with the duel band and just seems to work better. So can I go from the TC to the Extreme with the eithernet cable? Thanks

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    Please describe what your proposed network would look like.....


    Modem   >  TC  > AirPort Extreme  etc.


    Use a > for Ethernet and >>> for wireless.


    Or, just describe the proposed network, whichever is easier.

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    Yes I have the TC going from the router then I have the Airport Extreme going from the router, but what I wanted to know is can I go from the router to the Tc then to the Airport Extreme. Daisechain them. Thanks

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    You can do this if you want.  The downside is that if the TC has a problem, it will take out the AirPort Extreme and the rest of the network.


    The way you have it now, if the TC has a problem the AirPort Exteme and rest of the network will function correctly.


    I do not know what you hope to gain by setting up a daisy chain. The network performance will not improve if you do this, but you can do it if you want to.