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This is strange. I just tried adding a new software instrument channel strip to a patch, and the plug-in would not respond to any MIDI input. Stranger, if I clicked on virtual keys in the plug-ins graphic interface, there was no output. The channel was set up properly (keyboard MIDI input, audio output channel, etc). The channel is receiving MIDI properly (keyboard keys in edit window respond). I am using the latest version of MS with Lion on a Mac Mini Server.


It wasn't the plug-ins fault....I tried different software instrument plug-ins in the channel, and they had no input or output either. Also, I have another Concert in which the channel strip with plug-in works correctly, so I am able to compare the one that is not working to the one that is. All settings are the same, but it still doesn't work.


Here's the kicker. Just for the **** of it, I tried setting up the exact same channel strip at the Concert level and everything worked perfectly. So, at least I have a workaround.


But .... does anybody have any idea why this would occur?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 8 GB RAM, Ultralite (live), Duet 2