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I need to perform a complete restore of my IMac from a stand-alone HD Time Machine backup.  The restore was to the internal HD in the IMac.  The IMac is a new Intel i5 unit running Lion.  The restore went fine except none of my picture files appeared.  My external HD is partioned into a Time Machine Back Up and a Stoarge partion.  All the TM back ups prior to the restore are gone and the external storage was wiped clean.  3000 photos from our African Safaris are gone.  Any ideas on if they can be recovered from either the external storage drive or the internal HD?


Where did the older TM BUs go?


Thanks for any advise

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I don't know what you did, but there must have been some option to clear the external HD.  To my knowledge, restoring from a Time Machine backup will NOT clear the external HD.


    Since I was not there, I really cannot speculate on what happened:




    In any event, there are third party tools that will attempt to recover data from erased drives (the erase normally deletes pointers, not the actual data).