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I can't empty my trash. I cleaned up my hard disk but I still can't empty my trash. How can I fix this problem?

Mac Pro
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    Why can't you empty the trash? What error do you get when you click Finder > Empty Trash?

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    I do not know why I can not empty my trash. Every time I empty my trash my trash still full. I restart my Mac but that didin't solve my problem. So I clean up my hard disk but that did not solve it. Any one has an idea how to fix this issue?

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    from the article linked below,


    "First, try holding the Option key as you choose Empty Trash from the Finder's File menu."


    and more thoroughly, Solving Trash problems from the X Labs is worth studying.


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    I appreciate your help.


    However, I used all the options to empty my trash but non of them worked.

    Also, I used disk utility's program to clean my hard disk and fix the problem but it did not work ether. I need to empty my trash soon because my startup momery is full because of my trash size (129.78 GB).

    Anyone has an idea to solve my problem?

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    Have you done this yet, in Terminal?


    sudo chown -R [your_username] .Trash


    where you replace [your_username] with the name of your Home folder/User account name (also remove the square bracekts).


    Press 'return' and enter your password when prompted (your keypresses will not be echoed to the screen, so type carefully)


    It won't delete anything, but it will set the proper permissions for your Trash folder.


    After executing this command, try empting the trash in the normal way.

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    Try pressing alt, cmd and esc, to force quit, then see if anything is running on it. if it isnt showing up, then force quit the finder, and let it restart. Mak sure that all of your applications / programs are closed before trying this!


    I had the same problem, and 2 hidden programs were using it. (By hidden, i mean not showing up on the dock or open applications).


    Hope this helped.

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    Softwater - this worked a treat, thankyou. I managed to reclaim nearly 50GB of space on my SSD!

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    I noticed that my trash was not empting as well so I opened my trash folder and noticed that all the items in the trash had the same date (the other items with other dates had been removed from the file but this block of items did not) and that the date was prior to my ever buying my new MacPro. I clicked one of the items to open it and realized I could not open items in the trash then all of a sudden the trash emptied. I'm not sure if it just took a while to empty or if doing what I did fixed the problem but the date of Dec. 13, 2003 showed as the dates on the files... weird.. But the trash bin is empty now :-)

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    It worked very well. Thanks!