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My late 2008 MBP has been experiencing a few minor issues lately, and a Google search suggested that an SMC reset would solve them. I did a PRAM reset first, then I booted into diskutil and repaired the bootdisk (a Corsair SSD) for some minor issues (permissions and orphaned blocks).


Finally, I did a SMC reset by removing the battery and holding down the powerbutton for 5 secs.


After that, my computer refused to switch on. It's not completely dead, though. The battery indicator on the left side switches on all LEDs (the battery was replaced recently) when I connect the MagSafe connector, and my Sandisk USB card reader lights up if I connect it. It just won't turn on anymore.


I found an article suggesting that I should press and hold Shift + Option + Control + Power and release them all at once, and that should fix it, but it did nothing for me.


Is there anything I can do?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)