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Hi Everyone,


So I have a 2008 Mac Mini, which I have been using for a mediacenter for quite some time with it's original 320gb hdd.

Well I have been having some issues with it loading my mediacenter applications and spotify too slow for my taste, so I decided upon upgrading to an SSD.


Yesterday I went ahead and installed my new SanDisk 120gb SSD in the mini, no issues and went without a hitch. Now I burned my own copy of Lion for installation on the SSD, so I figured there'd be no complications. However, here I am 24 hours later with a whole host of problems.


1) The mini won't, for some reason, read my bootable Lion disc.

2) I've attached my old Logitech keyboard in order to acces commands such as 'C' and 'command, option, O, F' none of which works...


I seem to have come to the conclusion that the mini won't recognize my keyboard, which leaves me slightly confused, as it works perfectly on my early 2010 MBP.


The current situation is my mini is stuck with a cleansing cd/dvd in the drive, still only giving me the wonderful flashing 'folder' with a question mark on it, to look at. (tried the cleansing disc, as I was suggested that there could be laser issues, as the drive also kept ejecting the Lion disc).


Can anyone help me? I'm literally out of ideas :-(

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7)