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I have got a problem and don't know what to do. I have an iMac (i7, SSD 256 GB + HD 2 TB) with last Lione up to date. The OS in installed on SSD. I would like install some programs on HDD, but i'm not allowe to to it. Anytime I wannt to install the programs, only the SSD is available and the other 2 TB HD is locked (I mean the yellow triangle with an exclamation mark os over the HD disk). I would like to install Logic and some others music/audio programs with a lot of amount of banks on HD drive, because SSD has not enough capacity. Should I reformat and create new partition on my HD drive?!?!

I am also not able to install on any other disk than on SSD the programs like iWork, Microsoft Office for Mac and so on...


Ther is also a funny thing happening last time, as I installed the Logic studio 9 and some others programs. During the installation of Logic, I wasn't even offered CHOOSE INSTALLATION LOCATION?!?! The option was just jumped over and the program was automatically installed on SSD.


Pleas help me...?!?!?


Thank you,


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    This sounds as if you need to format/reformat the HD.

    If you have the installation disc, before trying to install the OS, You need to use the Disk Utility app on the disk to create an HFS+ extended format journaled with a GUID system checked, decide on a parttion scheme then click OK or format disk to format it.

    I am not sure if, at this point, you can just install programs or not without first installing LIon on the HD, you can try to see, at this point if the programs will load/install.

    If no joy, you may need to put the install disk in, again, and, at this point, just try installing Lion.

    Once Lion is installed on the HD, you should be able to install any applications you like.

    Good Luck!

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    Thx MichelPM.


    I don't have installation disc with Lion.

    I don't wannt to install OS X on HD. I wannt OS X is installed on SSD. I'd like just the programs being installed on HD, because of capacity of SSD.



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    Oh Yeah,

    I forgot, OS X Lion is a download only from the Mac App store.

    My Bad.

    But just try and reformat the HD first, then just install the programs.

    If this does not work, you may have no choice than to just put OS X Lion onto the HD.

    Without repurchasing, you should be able to use  an app called Carbon Copy Cloner to clone your iMac's SSD onto the HD in your iMac.

    Here,s a link to CCC


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    Thx MichgelMP,


    I'll try it in next few days. Thx a lot. I hope I may count on you, if anything goes wrong


    Have i nice day!

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    The reason programs may not just install onto the HD is many applications install various components into OS X.

    Without a valid OS X system on the HD, the applications you're trying to install won't be able to because it's not finding the areas it needs from the OS X system to be I able to install the program.

    So, if you can't just install programs onto a blank HD with no system installed, you have no choice in the matter and will have to install another copy of OS X onto the HD before trying to install the programs.

    There is no workaround for this.

    Better to have an additional place to boot OS X anyhow in the event something happens to,the system on the SSD, is it not?

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    I am always around here at different times.

    There are many other great Mac Users here that can assist you here in the event I am not available to help you at a particular time.

    If you still run into problems, some other experienced Mac users here are always here to help, too!

    GoodnLuck and let us know how everything turned out.


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    Yeaah, but the interesting thing is, that i'm not abled to install any of my programs I wannt to.

    All that I wannt is that the programs are installed on SSD and its banks (like Logic and Final cut banks) on HD.


    I installed:

    1. Make music Finale
    2. Logic 9
    3. Photoshop
    4. iWork
    5. Microsoft office for Mac
    6. Spectrasonics instuments
    7. and others not so important programs...


    By all I had same problem. it always wannt to isntall on SSD.

    In my case, there is no need for SSD, if the OS X has to be install on HD.

    But why do we need the SSD at all if I can't install almost anythyng on it, becasue of only 156 GB space ?!?!




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    Ok, thy again. I appreciate that. I hoep I'll fix that problems.

    The funniest thing is, I called the official Apple store in my Country, and they do not know what to do.

    They never heard about that kinf of problem. They said, it should go install everithyng on HD.

    Yeahh, it should go...! Obviously it doesn't

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    **** becasue of only 256 GB space ?!?

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    I believe with all Apple software, and specifically to Logic and Final Cut, they need to install onto the same location as OS X to install. That means everything associated with those particular programs needs to be in the same location.

    So, that may explain why you can't install certain extra components of Logic and Final Cut to different location or HD.

    You can store your projects onto another location like the HD, but the all components of the programs need to reside in one location only.

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    This is not good at all... ****!

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    It looks like you have all your CPU/RAM intense apps on the SSD, but do not have the room for all of their constituent parts?

    How much space is needed for Logic and Final Cut?

    How much space for Finale?

    How much space for spectrasonic instruments?

    Something is wrong If you managed to fill up a 256 GB SSD, with just a few apps.

    You should have plenty of room to install everything?

    I don't get it.

    Why are you out of space on the SSD already?

    Is the SSD formatted as an HFS+ extended format?

    I am not familiar with how SSD are formatted, but you shouldn't be out of space this quickly!

    256 GBs is a lot of space!

    You may need to decide which apps and associated data really can stay on the SSD and which ones can go onto the HD.

    For some reason,myou can't get everything you want to run onto the SSD.

    You're going to need to install OS X on the HD for sure. This is the only way to get a lot of these apps to install on the HD.

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    i will try. But that means, if I install one OS X onto HD and one remain installed on SSD, that i have dual boot, when i will start-up the iMac?!?! or that will be in spite of all one OS X?!?!


    • Look, the OS X takes about 25 GB,
    • Finale 2 GB
    • Logic 60 GB
    • Final Cut around 50 GB
    • Adobe CS6 20 GB
    • Spectrasonic (Omnisphere + Trilian + Stylus) over 100 GB
    • I wannt to install Native instruments Komplete 8 - about 100 GB


    ... and than I am out of space .


    My idea form the beginnign it was, that I will install basic programs on SSD and the banks of programs (like samplers, sounds etc..) on HD.


    The official Apple distributer suggested this: -an-external-hard-disk-and-leave-the-main-hard-disk-alone/


    Thx, bye-bye

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    I believe if you boot into OS X from your SSD, you should be able to launch the programs you installed onto the HD.

    Regardless of OS X being installed onto the HD.

    You needed OS X onto the HD in order for the program to install properly.

    I believe that you can boot from one location and launch the app from another now that OS X has been installed in two locations.

    You will need to try this.

    If it doesn't work, then yes you would have to boot into the OS X on the HD volume.

    I do not think you'll have to do that.

    I think it's just a matter of getting additional programs into a different location where OS X is also present.

    Try it and see if I am correct.

    I have a setup where I have other OS X copied to other locations with different programs loaded.

    I believe I can launch these from whatever OS X I am currently booted into.

    I will confirm this.


    Yes you can install apps on another OS X boot location and launch them from from another OS X location.

    So, you shouldn't have to do any booting back and forth.

    Once booted into OS X from your SSD, you should be able to launch apps installed on the OS X HD

    Good Luck!

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