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I recently purchased a batch of songs. Finished an album. Those songs will not play in Itunes  Library but will play on itouch transferred by icloud. I have recent version of itunes. I contacted itunes and reissued the songs I bought and downloaded them again. No change, still the same. Never had any problems with Itunes,, ? what to do?

iPod touch (4th generation), Windows 7
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    When yiu say they won't play, do you mean you can't play them or they seem to play and there's no audio?


    Presumably other tracks play fine?


    Cand you right click on a downloaded track in iTunes and try to find it in a folder to ensure it's actually downloaded?



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    HI, It wont play those particular songs, skips to another song. plays 1 second. it says where it is. info looks all normal.??  But plays on the icloud?? ughh