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I was having issues with my iMac G5's fans, and so I had to restore it using it's supplied media (I had bought it off eBay with leopard) and it dumped me back to about 10.3.  I couldn't open my applications, and so it lay dormant until I managed to get a copy of leopard, I updated it as you would, and booted it up to find there were updates available, and so installed them. The computer rebooted, but then it rebooted again. Kindling bad memories, I immediately shut the thing down before  it had a chance to boot, and reinstalled the OS using the archive and fresh method, this now giving me a fresh install, I installed the same updates, and annoyingly it booted straight up after rebooting twice. I then proceeded to look in my Previous Systems folder to find with dismay, that all my files were missing, and only an old folder was there. Are all my applications and files destroyed, or are they retrievable?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5), OSX Leopard