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I sent my iPad to Apple for replacement after my screen suffered damage, but the repair status says "empty box shipped." I didn't ship an empty box, so what does that mean?

iPad, iOS 5.1.1, White, New Generation, Wi-Fi+LTE
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    I forgot to mention that this is at Step 1, so I don't know what the situation is. I don't think FedEx lost my iPad, so I hope there is no difficulty.

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    They received an empty box. Contact them to verify, and file a claim with the shipping company.

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    It means they have shipped you a box to use to ship your device to them.


    These are user forums, so we cannot help you with such questions regarding order or shipping status, etc.

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    While I understand that these are user forums, the fact is that I am certainly not the first to have this experience or have that message, and perhaps someone else, like yourself, could indicate what their experience was. The post before yours indicated that they received an empty box, which runs contrary to what you said. I fail to believe they received an empty box. It was FedEx international, so I don't expect that to be the case.


    I will take their advice and contact Apple to verify.

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    When you arrange to return something for repair Apple ships you an empty shipping box with label. The status message simply means the box was shipped. If you did not use that box but shipped in your own box, then you needed an RMA or other number to notify Apple so they can determine what to do with it when it's received.


    As for FedEx you can always check with them for the status of any shipped item using their tracking number.


    This is all that I know. The status message does not mean they received an empty box, hence, the reason it says "shipped" rather than "received."

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    My situation very quickly is that I live outside of the US, and I made the arrangements with Apple over the telephone. I was give a case number that I would be able to check online. I was given the address to which the unit was to be shipped, my sister in the US also got involved, as she had the funds to pay for the repair on my behalf. I was never told about RMA or any number other than the Repair ID. That ID was what I used to check and confirm that it said "Empty Box Shipped".


    The reason it is so strange is that over the telephone they said they wouldn't ship anything to me because it would be international shipping. I have already sent an email to the lady who I spoke with, hopefully that will assist me somewhat.


    Thank you for taking the time to further explain, I appreciate it, Kappy.