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I have motion 5 already installed and uses it with FC Studio (2009) .  I now want to purchase FCPX and install the latter on a separate partition on the Mac hard drive (as is" highly" recommended). How do I get my already purchased and downloaded motion 5 onto the new partition?

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    You should have FCP and Montion on the same partition/drive that has the system OS.




    It is strongly recommended that you install Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4 on a startup disk that does not have Final Cut Studio (2009) already installed. Use Apple's preferred installation procedure when upgrading one version of Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Studio to the next. This procedure is not unique to Final Cut Pro X.


    Now if FCS 3 (Final Cut Pro 7) is installed that a different story. All in all FCP X and Motion should be on your system startup disk. Same goes with other apps.

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    I appreciate your answer David. My question actually is; how to I move Motion 5 to the newly created partition?

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    Just pick the app and move it. You wouldn't get updates moving it... Other problems can arise... Being linked to Compressor and FCP X can have some problems. Just hi-light the app and drag it to the new partition.


    Do you have and URL or a link where it said it is highly recommended to do this. App work best on the system drive.

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    David, that's what I wants to avoid... I want FCPX and Motion 5 to work in sinc, without any hickups.  It seems as if, now that I downloaded motion 5 prematurely on the same start up disc than the "old FCP", I risk a few problems creating a separate partition:

    1. I may loose files/document in creating the partition (according to the instructions page) (This is a huge risk, not so?)
    2. Secondly, if I drag and drop Motion 5 onto the new partition (your suggestion), it may not work in sinc with FCPX.

    The alternative is to download FCPX on the same startup disc than the "old FCP".  This, according to apple, is not recommended, but I fail to see any specific risks apart from some hickups with the old FCP.  It therefor almost appear as if it would be better for me to go this option?

    Please tell me if I am wrong before I do it.

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    can you not simply download fcpx to your new prtition and then download motion 5 as well. If you use the same apple ID to log into the App store it will considered it already purchased and you should be able to just download it.



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    I checked yesterday, it showed already purchased with no option to download again.  I was thinking if I delete Motion from the hard drive, the status may changed, but I don't want to take the risk?  What do you think?

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    You can use this free app from Digital Rebellion to remove Motion 5:



    But, When you go to re-download Motion 5 it will place the app on the OS partition... there is no option to place the app to another destination.

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    Hi everyone.  Here is what happened (for those interested)

    1. I partitioned my mac hard drive (it went smoothly and I lost no files)
    2. I then had to load the original OS on the new partition (think it was 10.4 or something)
    3. I then upgraded the OS to a later version. (not so smoothly but nothing relevant to this post)
    4. I then fulfilled the specs for fcpx and could download it without any problems after having purchased it
    5. Then, to my surprise, the previously purchased motion 5 showed that I can download it again.  I assumed that "applestore" could not find it on the new partition and allowed me to download it, as if for the first time.  This now means that I have motion 5 on both partitions on the same hard drive.  It was not necessary to remove it from the previous place/partition.



    So, Adam, you were right.  Thanks



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    I don't see what you gained by this... You have Motion (the app) on two separate partitions. You could have just copied Motion to the new partition. Why you have to have Motion on a separate drive is beyond me.