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Is there any easy way to transfer my I Tunes Library (all songs, etc. ; no pod casts necessary) that is now on my IMac to my new MacAir 11 in.


I am low-tech so I would prefer something straight and easy ... with no clouds in the sky, etc ....


Is it possible to download all of the songs to a huge folder and then put that folder in an external hard drive (which I have) and then somehow download that file into my Itunes on my MacAir.


Or is there a special wire or USB connection that I can use to send all of my I Tune songs on my IMac to my Mac Air.


In sum, what is the easiest way to accomplish this. I have probably 50 - 70 cds of music on my IMac now that I want transfered to my MacAir.


I very much appreciate any advice ... assume it is an issue common to many folks.


Don in California ...