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While trying to discover items in my new computer and how they work, I accidentally deleted the Stack program in my new MacBook Air.  Now that I know how it works I would like to have it back.  How can I re-download this program?  (Stack)  thanks a lot for replying.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
  • Glenn Leblanc Level 6 (9,325 points)

    Stacks is not a program. I assume what you mean is that you removed a folder from the dock. I suspect it was the downloads folder. You can go to your home folder, find the downloads folder and drag it back to the dock where you removed it from.


    Stacks is just an option you can create to view any folder. Right click on a folder and choose to view it as stacks. When you get something in the folder, it will display a view of it.

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    Folder sitting in my dock is supposed to be DOWNLOADS.  When I click on that folder, I am directed to the FINDER.  Unfortunately the downloads are not in FINDER.

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    The downloads folder is within the User's Folder in the Finder. Each user has his own download folder. Click on your user name in the Finder to open your user folder and look there.

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    I know where  the DOWNLOAD folder is, but it's empty.  Also I cannot get even empty folder to stack.  Maybe if someone tells me how to possibly find my DOWNLOAD folder in my external drive and restore it to HD, I'd be able to locate what I downloaded.

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    Open Finder window, select the drive you want to search, and put Downloads in the search bar. Look for Download Folders. You might also check Safari preferences to see where you are storing your downloaded files.


    To show Stacks, right click on the icon in the Dock and choose to Display as Stack. It won't show anything but the folder icon unless something is within the folder.


    To set the folder for downloads, open Safari preferences and choose the general tab. Set the folder for downloads there. If you don't have it in the Dock, go to that folder in a Finder window and drag it to the right side or bottom of the Dock (depending on where you have your dock displayed) to create the alias there.

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    I have opened the FINDER window several dozen times.  I have gone to icon of HOME/HOUSE and there are two empty DOWNLOAD FOLDERS.  According to Safari preferences DOWNLOADS are saved on my Desktop.  Many are, but also had folder of DOWNLOADS, which I cannot find.


    Re Stacks --- I do not use right click on my mouse.  Even if I did right click it wouldn't make any difference, because  DOWNLOAD folder doesn't open.  I get a message "open in finder."


    I have dragged the DOWNLOAD folder to the dock 50 times, but it still doesn't open.

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    Get info on the downloads folders in your home folder. Make sure they aren't aliases. If they are delete them. Create a new folder if necessary, name it Downloads, but delete all others. You only want one Downloads folder there. If you have one in the dock, drag it out. Drag the one you kept from your user home folder to the dock. An alias of that folder will be created in the dock. If you can't right click on it in the dock, try holding the command click (or control click- don't remember which) to bring up the contextual menu. Choose to display as Stacks from the menu.

    Open Safari preferences and set that Downloads folder to download files to. Click in the box, choose other, and navigate to the Downloads folder in your user folder.

    Once you have done that, try downloading a file and see if it goes to that folder. The folder icon in the dock will change appearance when you have a file within.


    If you had it set to download files to the desktop, then that's where all your files were downloaded. If you had a previous download folder with files, you will just have to search in the finder for download folders on all drives.

  • Glenn Leblanc Level 6 (9,325 points)

    Also, clicking on the folder in the dock won't do you any good if you have no files in it. Opening it in the finder will just show you the location the folder is stored in. It is only an alias in the dock.

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    Thanks.  All issues resolved.  My cousin the Apple Wiz came on my computer and straightened things out.

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    Hi jbahllywd2how your cousin do it? because just now accidently I remove my downloads Stack from my dock then cause me cant open my downloads folder. But I can add the Downloads folder back to my Dock and I can view all my files inside Download through Stack in the Dock but if I open Downloads folder my Finder will not responding.


    Macbook Air

    Version 10.9.2



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    My thanks for your knowledge. Took me a second read but it was easy to find and drag back to the dock.