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One of my MBP 17 bought in Jul-2008 is currently at the Apple Authorized Service Provider in Brazil called iPlace (+55 11 3031.0104) with a video controller hardware error (NVIDIA 8600GT) when running the Apple Hardware Test/Diagnostic as "4VDC/1/40000003: VideoController". iPlace is with the machine this week but they claim that the diagnostic they run (which is not the Apple CD that comes with the machine) does not report any video error. I would like some help to assist the store to explain why the diagnostic DVD that I show to them reports it and why they are making it harder to simply go and fix the video controller (which as far as I know is defective and with intermitent blurry screen images). Its being a week and I do not have a clear support information about the problem and how they will fix it. This is not the level of support I expect and since I have other machines I expect that Apple could at least pass this case to customer support and try to make sure that they explain what is the issue to me this week. The warranty ends this july and thus, I want to make sure that they do not simply say there is no problem when not properly investigated. I can be reached by e-mail. Thank you. alemos2611@yahoo.com

MacBook Pro (17-inch Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.6)