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Once again, I have a notebook that won't boot. This one is a PowerBook G3 pismo with dual FireWire. When I try to power on the unit while plugged into the charger, I get nothing. So, I thought, "bad power/sound board." But I decided to try to boot from the battery just for the heck of it. I charged up the battery using the battery port of a clamshell iBook. The battery does hold a charge and I could boot a clamshell off of the PowerBook battery. But when I attempt to boot the PowerBook using the battery, I still get nothing. I even tried to put the battery in both sides of the PowerBook (both expansion bays can hold the battery). So what's up with this one? Thanks!

PowerBook, Mac OS 9.2.x
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    There seems to be very little hope if it wont power on using battery or power adapter. I guess you could try a replacement power adapter, but it sounds like it wont make much difference. The first thing I would put the problem down to is the DC In board. It more than likely to be that.


    If I'm being on honest here, it's an old laptop and unless you have known it to be working before, then it could be anything that is wrong with it. You could spend an awful lot of time diagnosing the problem and find that the logic board has gone on it.


    There may be a common fault with these PowerBook that I'm not aware of and someone else on here may know about.


    Best of luck

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    Here is the flow sheet from the Apple Pismo manual.


    Computer won’t power up


    1. Restart computer by pressing the reset button on the back of the unit. Wait five seconds and press the Power key.

    2. Try known-good power adapter.

    3. Try known-good, firmly seated, charged battery. Repeat.

    4. Connect power adapter and restart computer in 3-4 minutes.

    5. Disconnect internal keyboard completely and try powering up unit. If unit powers up, replace keyboard.

    6. Verify microprocessor card is firmly seated.

    7. Replace sound card.

    8. Replace power supply card.

    9. Replace microprocessor board.

    10. Replace I/O logic board.

    Make sure the cpu is pressed firmly on to the underlying socket board see #6. I had this problem.

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    Actually, all I had to do was disconnect the PRAM battery and then it booted right up!