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I have deleted IPOD application from IPAD new (due to the reason as one can see on another question posted on same subject few days ago on which no comments/reply is received), but when i go to itunes on ipad i see under downloads that so many downloads are still awaiting or taking place. This makes downloading of new apps or books very difficult (as our 3G WiFi connection is not very fast). There is no way to stop these downloads and start afresh. I swiched of the IPAD and restarted but it did not solve problem.

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 5.1.1
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    There is no iPod app on the new iPad. The app is now called the Music app. You cannot delete the Music app and you were not able to delete the iPod either so the app has to be on your iPad somewhere.


    If you have downloads waiting in iTunes - even if you do believe that you deleted the Music app - you have to finish those downloads or delete them or else your apps will not update. You can only download one thing at a time and the stalled downloads in iTunes are preventing the app downloads and updates from completing.

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    I am sorry. The application is PODCAST, and the above problem as stated by me exists. If one does not want to wait all downloads to finish as suggested, I could solve it by going to Settings - General - Usage - Music and delete all you do not want in PODCAST.