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Hi all'


I don't want to see all my shortcuts in every desktops I've created. Once I made it, it appears in all screens. How should I customize it for each of my desktop?


Thanks for your help.


MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012), iOS 5.1.1
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    Can you post an image showing the problem?

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    Don't know how to paste screenshots in here. Basially my poroblem is; whereever I put an icon in any of my desktop, same appears on the other one. I want to use one desktop for my work and one for personal. But when I create folder in my first (work) desktop, it also appears on my second (personal) one. or when I create music folder in second desktop, same appers on the first one. And if I delete from any of them, I lose it from both desktops.


    There must be a way to customize each desktops, but I don't know. Appreiate if any of you can help.



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    You can take a picture of your screen by holding shift and command and then hitting 3


    Click the camera in the centre of the toolbar immediately above a new reply window and follow the instructions - it fails to work first time for me but it works on the next attempt.


    I think I now understand your problem. The page you came from entitled 'Change your Desktop' was about changing your Desktop's background image - regrettable Apple jargon.


    I think you want Spaces - probably in your Dock but if not it should be in Applications.

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    Dear Neville,


    I dont have problem abt changing the background. I already changed. I just cannot organize my desktop. I want specific files in specific desktops. I dont want to see all of them in each of my desktop. i.e. I want word, excel, outlook apps to be shown only in my first dektop and I want to use my music folders only in my second desktop.


    Pls see below. I have same folders in both of my desktops. When I delete from one, I lose from both of them;


    Screen Shot 2012-07-13 at 11.56.43 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2012-07-13 at 11.57.13 AM.png

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    As I said before: "I think you want Spaces - probably in your Dock but if not it should be in Applications".


    I see that you have aliases on your Desktop to things which should be in the Dock. See About the Dock help file below:


    About the Dock


    By default, the Dock appears at the bottom of your screen. You use it to open applications, documents, folders, and more.


    The Dock comes with icons for some applications; you can add others. When you minimize a window or open an application that isn’t in the Dock, it appears in the Dock.


    The Dock contains a Downloads folder, where anything you download from the web can be saved. Safari, the web browser that comes with your computer, places downloaded items there automatically.


    You can add more folders to the Dock. Folders in the Dock are called “stacks.” A stack can be a handful of documents, a group of applications, or a set of folders—anything you need to access frequently. When you click a stack, it springs open in an arc or a grid, depending on the number of items.


    The Dock provides several useful shortcuts:


    • To open an item in the Dock, click its icon.
    • To open a document using an application in the Dock, drag the document icon to the application icon.
    • To view a menu of options for the Dock, first locate the gap in the Dock between the row of application icons and the Trash. Then hold down the Ctrl key and click within the gap.


    You can customize the Dock by changing its magnification, repositioning it, and more. To

    change Dock preferences, choose Apple menu > Dock.

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    Neville, I know you want to help me but somehow you cannot understand my problem:) This is not what I want. I don't have any dock problem and I don't know how to explain my problem more. Thanks anyway.


    Appreciate if someone can understand my question and help. I just don't want to see same folders in every desktop of mine. That's it.



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    As I have said twice before: "I think you want Spaces - probably in your Dock but if not it should be in Applications".


    Other than this. Leopard does not support more than one Desktop.

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    How are you switching between Desktops now?


    Could we be talking about 2 different Monitors or Displays?

  • Neville Hillyer Level 4 (1,865 points)

    The OP came from: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2478 - see link above first post.

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    I do understand your problem, as I have the same problem with me now. But I guess we just can't do that, I read it somewhere, that although we can create more than one desktop=more spaces, but that's for running of apps, we can't have different folders in different desktops....