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my apple id has not yet been used in the itunes store ?

iPhone 4
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    I am facing the same problem. i just bought iphone 4s and itunes is giving this message that this id has never been used in itunes. Review.... apple has to solve this ASAP.

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    Ok I have Honestly decided that apple has no interest in addressing this or providing an answer to this question. Personally I have 4 apple devices and I have not had this issue however My Mom just got a new Iphone 4 and its useless. We have tried for 3 days now to get her set up with itunes with nothing but failure. Same error over and over no ,matter what suggestions are tried. I have YET to see a solution for this. I do see thousands, yes thousands of people posting questions about this issue without 1 single response from apple or anyone else that knows what the solution is.  Being that apple will not address this , I am unable to find any data stating they address it or are willing to address it they are in breach of contract.  The account creation and setup process for itunes is flawed and everyone that is posting here needs to file suit if you want to know the honest truth. In my 25 years of involvement in IT , not limited to a specific OS , platform or language I have yet to see this level of incompitence. An apple ID should be a single sign on. It should be the same for the itunes store and every device. That account should be validated against 3 credentials. User ID password, and billing data. Why they can not get this right I dont know,. What I do know is my Mom is returning the iphone and has decided to avoid apple products because of this.


    That will happen in 3 days. IF someone wants to throw a long pass here an FINALLY answer the question have at it. IF YOU DO, write an article on it and POST IT!

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    Hi. It's sad that you don't want apple products anymore. You can just give apple a ring at 1-300-321-456 anytime for them to assist you. But for this issue, it also happened to me and it was hard to get out with that thing. I got out of that by just filling out the information required then choosing Continue at the bottom page and then, it's fixed. If this won't fix it, call Apple.

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    Apple id FIX

    Just sighn in with the apple id you haveing trouble with on your computer, fill out info. Then sighn in with your iphone. Worked for me

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    Same problem here.Is there any ways to fix this kind of issue?As like me,how can i create the account that I dont have any visa  or mastercard so what gonna be happend to my iPhone 4S?Is that mean that my iphone is just a useless?cant do nothing bcoz of my apple ID has not yet been used in the itunes store as i dont have any visa / mastercard  to create the account. How sad

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    Me to can't use my iphone4.,Because this same problem., how what will we do.,?

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    see my fix right above you

  • CZ21145 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    see my fix in this post

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    same here, i've tried many times, but still it doesnt work... any solution?

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    nobody must not read the reply's. Ive posted what needs to be done people. read the thread.

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    I think the problem they're having is that they cannot complete the info after they sign in because they cannot get passed the screen where they have to enter their credit card info because A.) they either don't have one or B.) their country does not allow them to select "none" as a payment option.

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    Hi Guys,



    If you have an apple ID that has not been ever used with iTunes Store, you will never ever make that apple ID as an iTS account if you don't have a credit card. Most of the time, we cannot complete this using the phone. If you can do this with your computer, much better.

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    The problem that you are having is because you have to have a credit card or other payments facility assocaited with you ID when using it with ITunes.


    I came across this issue when trying to use my developer ID with ITunes on a new computer. My developer ID had not been used to pay before and consequently had no credit card with it.


    The message is rather opaque as is CZ21145's answer.


    You have to click on review and then use the contiinue button lower down in the screen to enter card info. If you are not willing to enter card info at this stage, you cannot log in to the store.

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    I entered my card info like 20 times AND IT KEPT AKING TO CONTINUE. I pressed it maybe 100 times it never countinued..... I am really starting to get mad at apple.

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