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Hey! Apple Support suggested I ask this here. I just got my first MacBook as I can only open my old Dell in 'Safe Mode'. I was able to grab my whole ITunes folder which included all my music and movies. I also saw a 'Playlist' folder in the iTunes Folder.


But when I tried to synch my iPhone to my new MacBook iTunes, it said that

a) I would lose my stuff when I synched - which I did because I moved all my aps, music and movies


b) It said something about only being able to synch to 5 computers and this was 4 out of 5.


So how do I turn off my old computer then? I opened iTunes in safe mode on the Dell and deauthorized the account but I don't think that did it. Any advice here?


c) My playlists did not pop up. How do I get my playlists over to my new iTunes because I love my playlists



d) My iPhone has every single Ap I ever put on my phone and in NONE of my nicely ordered folders Can I get those back somehow?


Thanks for any advice!!