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Does Apple support refer callers to iYogi. Do they charge for their services on an annual basis at the time of the support call.I have a friend who needed some help. I suggested they call Apple. She says Apple referred them on to this "help" service.

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    iYogi looks like a pay-to-play tech support service.  If your friend has an older Mac that is out of warranty, Apple might suggest them to do the hand-holding.  Seems kind of strange that Apple would send folks somewhere else unless the item were out of warranty, though.

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    I've never heard of Apple every referring someone to any non-authorized service provider. If, however, the product in question was on Apple's obsolete/vintage list, then Apple provides no further support and hence a technician might on his or her own initiative refer the caller to a nonauthorized service provider. I can just about guarantee, though, that this would not be Apple policy, to refer someone to iYogi or anyone else other than an authorized Apple service provider (a referral outside of Apple policy could quite possibly get the technician fired).



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    Why not encourage your friend to post the Mac model, year, Mac OS used, and any thing else on this forum along with a description of the problem. Of course there is no guarantee of a solution, but there is a collective world of experience here just waiting to help if possible.

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    Apple does, from time to time refer people out to third parties.  When Claris shut down, I was told that they sold all of their old software titles to a third party liquidator.  I called the liquidator and got a copy of a vintage version of Filemaker that I needed.

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    A third-party reseller for a discontinued product I can certainly understand and have encountered that myself. It would be very unusual, however, for Apple to refer someone to an unauthorized service provider for technical support, and again almost certainly be done only for a product that Apple no longer supports.