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Here's what happened:


I shut down the Macbook this morning and put it in my backpack. I went on a 6 hour bus ride, then they picked me up and the backpack was sitting on the car floor between the seats in the back and when I got home I noticed my laptop was warm from the heat of that area of the car. I plugged in the power cord and the laptop wouldn't "feel" it, but it's had this issue for a while, I just need to try until the LED goes on. It wouldn't turn on with just the battery, that was 100% charged this morning when I shut it down. I removed the battery to force the computer to run only on the power feed, and on removing it, it made the sound of when I force the machine to shut down (press power button for 6 seconds), but it was already off!! And when I replaced the battery the fan went on like crazy. I figured maybe the sweat of the back pack and the heat from the car made some condensation and the laptop is taking care of it before allowing me to turn it on, but after two hours it felt more like a "short" and the fan would have gone on until the battery would die.


I keep plugging the cord into the computer and I get no light, or a pale, white one.


Can anyone make something out of this, please?





Macbook late '08, Mac OS X (10.5.8)