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    You are going to have to provide a little more information than that.


    Is it plugged in (if not, the battery may be drained, so it wouldn't turn on).


    If it is plugged in, have you checked the outlet and the power cable to make sure they are working?


    We can't really help if you only send us a single sentence....



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    Gail from Maine is correct. Did you use the On button? Age of machine? Running what software? are there ANY sounds at all?

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    the power is plug in since this morning, but no power up to light

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    Hello Muanaco... I have noticed that not every single time I put the charger on, does it light the light to show either green or orange (needs charging)...what you need to do is lift the plug out a little bit and allow the magnetic pull slam it into place to make the connection.

    BUT!!! If you have been in dusty or fuzzy places, maybe you need to clean out the socket. Lift carefully, aiming the socket to your face and blow a DRY burst of air in there. Look at it with a flashlight- any stuff blocking the connection? How does the wire look on charger? Is it bent severely or crushed? If not try again- and tell us if the light lights up.... Be ready for folks to advise you to start your own thread if that did not work. Others can explain that later, first try this. I hope it helps, C