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Can I use a net gear router with my time capsule?

extend network
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    Time Capsule is a router.. if you use Netgear router and TC also as a router you will have double NAT.. and that causes lots of issues..


    What are you trying to achieve??


    The TC can be bridged. ie it will work as AP and switch and network hard disk.


    Or you might be able to use the Netgear as AP..


    How are you trying to connect them?? If you are thinking to wireless bridge then that won't work.


    But I cannot give specifics.. without a specific question.. info .. data.. something to work on.


    Otherwise the answer to your question is Yes, but No.. or No but Yes..

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    Sorry for the limited question.

    I currently use my TC as a router, but had a weak signal in my bedroom and was hoping I could extend the network by maybe placing my netgear router on my nightstand.


    Can this be done and how is it done? It seemed when I hooked up the netgear that the network didn't see it there??


    Basically though, I'm looking for a way to get a better signal in my bedroom...

    Thanks friend for your comments.

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    The Netgear router will need to connect back to the TC using a wired Ethernet connection.


    If you are able to do this, post back if you need more details on this type of configuration.

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    Are you suggesting then I hook the two up together in the same room? I don't have the cable to run through the house otherwise...

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    I am stating that in order for this to work, you will need to connect the Netgear product to the TC using a wired Ethernet connection.


    The TC can be located anywhere you want that the Ethernet cable will reach.


    Ethernet cabling can be run up to 330 feet or 100 meters if needed. The electronic superstore has what you need.