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i have hundreds of mts files from a panasinc camcorder on my HDD and want to import them to iPhoto.

Which is obviously not supported.


What i tried:


1. Read th old threads on this forum for hours now. - No lossless solution found which i could get to work.

2. Convert them with several apps. The problem is they all recoded the files which means qualitiy loss.

Even with the passthrough option in iVi it changed the frame rate from 50 to 25 and recoded the audio.

3. Rebuilding the file structure of the SD card. - Couldnt get it to recognize it as a cam.



There has to be a way to import these without recoding just like iMovie does it when connected to the cam.

Maybe changing the Headers.


Thanks in advance, Chris

2008 Macbook Pro 15", Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    What version of iPhoto? Are theses AVCHD videos? Prior to iPhoto '11 version 9.3 AVCHD was not supported by iPhoto. Give iMovie a try - that is what I did until 9.3



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    iPhoto 9.3.1 i updated today. But both iPhoto and iMovie won't import the Movie.

    yes it is AVCHD.

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    Did you try using the AVCCAM Viewer software from Panasonic? It enables the Mac to directly view native MTS-files via a QuickTime plugin, eliminating the need for recoding.


    Download it directly from the Panasonic website: https://eww.pass.panasonic.co.jp/pro-av/support/desk/e/download.htm


    Maybe this helps...

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    Probably should update yoru profile - it is out of date


    WHile there are mixed reviews onthis article - here is APples take on using AVCHD - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5251



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    thanks, but i can view them. ( vlc player )

    The problem is to get them to iPhoto.

    I want to have all my videos in one Place.

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    Red the article.

    As i said the files are on my HDD not on sdcards or the cam anymore. So the article couldnt help me.

    Thanks anyway.

    I tried to put them back on the camera but they won't get imported. I suppose it's because once you delete them from them cam you cant put them back correcty because some thumbnails or metadate is missing. At least i havent figured out a way jet.


    I little bit more backgound on this issue:


    I was on holidays with my cam and no mac. I shoot 80gig of film during that trip and used a friends netbook to back them up.

    Once home again i put that videos on my mac and tried to import them. That's where i got stuck.

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    I have same problem you have described. Importing works perfectly from my camera but previously imported MTS I get the same problems as described in the support forum. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5251


    Any other ideas?

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    Hi there,


    did you ever manage to import the files? I also have several videos on my HDD already, and importing does not work. I would love to know if you ever managed to import yours.



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    Sorry, i gave up for now.

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    Basically the only thing you can do is create a importable archive using RevolverHD or convert to .mov Voltaic or another similar program. RevolverHD give me errors when attempting to archive multiple videos so I gave up and begain converting.

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    The solution that works for me for .mts files that are not on the camera. This works when the files are on the hard drive and you are trying to import them to iPhoto or iMovie.


    I use a free app called Media Converter http://media-converter.sourceforge.net  to RE-WRAP the file into .mov extension. This is done within seconds and this does not convert or compress the .mts file. It rewraps it into .mov so the iPhoto and iMovies can import it. And you can also play the file on Quicktime.


    Remember after downloading the Media Converter to also download the correct preset from the "Presets" tab on the website. The right one is "Re-wrap AVCHD for Quicktime - uncompressed Audio".


    This has been working for me fine, with one drawback. Once you rewrap the file, it loses the correct date and time the video was taken. So I have to fix the date and time of the file in iPhoto.

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    To help with the file dates, I found an AppleScript that will copy the file date stamps from one file to another file.  After using Media Converter, you should have new file(s) with the same name as the original mts file but with a different extension (e.g. - original file is "Movie1.mts", re-wrapped file is "Movie1.mov").  Using the script below, it will take the file-date from "Movie1.mts" and copy it to "Movie1.mov".  Note:  Put all files in the same directory. 


    You'll need to customize the script by changing a few lines:


    • MacHD:Users:Shared:MovieFolder-->change to the path where files are located on your Mac.
    • name extension is "avi" or name extension is "mkv" or name extension is "MTS"  --> case sensitive, these should be file extensions of the original files you want to copy file-date FROM.
    • "mov'"-->  this should be the file extension of the new files whose file-date you want to change
    • The 'label index' settings are just color coding of files to help identify processing status, you can remove those if you want.  FYI - To change color coding on files you just right-click file and pick one of the colors under "Labels"



    AppleScript below:


    with timeout of (720 * 60) seconds

              tell application "Finder"

      --Get all AVI, MKV, and MTS files

                        set allFiles to every file of entire contents of ("MacHD:Users:Shared:MovieFolder" as alias) whose (name extension is "avi" or name extension is "mkv" or name extension is "MTS")

      --Repeat for all files in above folder

                        repeat with i from 1 to number of items in allFiles

                                  set currentFile to (item i of allFiles)


      --Set to gray label to indicate processing

                                            set label index of currentFile to 7

      --Assemble original and new file paths

                                            set origFilepath to quoted form of POSIX path of (currentFile as alias)

                                            set newFilepath to (characters 1 thru -5 of origFilepath as string) & "mov'"

      --Start the conversion

                                            set shellCommand to "touch -m -r " & origFilepath & " " & newFilepath & ";"

      do shell script shellCommand

                                            set label index of currentFile to 6

      do shell script shellCommand

                                  on error errmsg

      --Set the label to red to indicate failure

                                            set label index of currentFile to 2

                                  end try

                        end repeat

              end tell

    end timeout

    --end adding folder items to

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    Hi Hekarioth


    From messing with .MTS on my Panasonic camera a while ago...


    Drag the .MTS files onto your desktop. Using the Finder, select the file then choose "Show package contents" you should find the .MTS is just a container for another video format, possibly MP4 or MOV which can be dragged out onto the desktop; this should play OK in mts to avi for open it.