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I have just bought an iPad 2 but the connection lead will not fit into the dock. An old iPhone lead works (but doesn't charge).

iPad 2
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    It should fit as the cables are the same for all devices - you've tried pushing it in straight (mine was a bit tight at the start with a new cable) ?


    In terms of charging, what are you connecting it to ? If a computer's USB port then a lot of computers don't provide enough power to their ports to charge the iPad at a sufficient rate (though it may still charge if the iPad's screen is off) - the iPad's own charger (if you are using the iPhone's then that is half the power of the iPad's) is the most efficient way to charge it (iPad charging).

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    Hi there


    Thanks. The connecting piece to the iPad is wider (and seems to have 'claws' on either side which can be squeezed inwards) than the older ones. I really don't want to force it!


    Thanks for advice about charging from the computer - will charge from a plug socket