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i know dvd's are getting outdated , but

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    It's an enigma to most of us here.


    a big hit in the face - and really BAD WILL


    but still nothing can be done about it from here as far as I understands it.


    Yours Bengt W

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    just what i thought . thanks dp

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    Why is there no iDVD on my new Mac?


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    i know dvd's are getting outdated


    The most popular method of distributing movies is by DVD.


    "Sorry, honey, that cloud storage service where I put the video of our wedding/son's first birthday/daughter's first dance recital just went bankrupt."


    Once physical media are totally gone, we can expect the consumer's rights to use the content to become even more restricted than they are now. Want to buy a second hand copy of a movie that's "out of print?" Too bad. The second hand market will disappear. Want to reinstall software you bought a few years ago? Better hope the publisher doesn't prefer to force you to pay for an upgrade. The end of physical media MAY be coming, but I fail to see how it benefits the consumer.

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    thanks for the insight seems i opened up a can of worms . thanks dp