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Erin Waddington Level 2 (250 points)
would love to be able to create a page w/ a single thumbnail representing an album, linking to a page w/ multiple thumbnails for that one album.

two issues:

1. every photo page creates a top-leel nav button.
2. i can't create a like style image/thumbnail w/ a link.

any help?

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  • Charles Bence Level 1 (60 points)
    Hi Erin,
    1. You can turn off the top level navigation for every individual page. Under the inspector window, click on the page icon (the second tab on top) and uncheck "Include page in navigation menu".

    2. To create a "like-style" image/thumbnail" I would suggest first to make your photo album page. Once you have some photos in there, and have chosen a frame style (under the graphics tab - in the inspector - the tab with the square and circle), I would take a screen shot of the first photo. The best way to do this is to hold down the shift key, the apple key and then the 4 key. This will bring up some crosshairs - then, click and drag from the top left corner to the bottom right corner to get the photo completely selected. When you release the mouse, you will hear a camera sound. The photo then should show up on your desktop. Do this for each album.

    3. Now, you can create an index page. Drag your "screenshot" thumbnails into the page in iWeb, lay them out how you want, then add hyperlinks to the thumbnails that point to your album. This is done by selecting the thumbnail, then in the inspector window, select the last tab (the blue circle with the arrow). Check the box "enable as a hyperlink" then select "One of my Pages", then select which page your album is.

    Hope this helps.
  • mwong Level 4 (1,205 points)


    Here's how I did it:

    Create a photo page. Call it Photos or Photo Albums or whatever. Doesn't matter if you have it in navigation bar or not.

    Drag your photos that will represent the albums into the photo page.

    Cover each photo with a rectangular shape, filled, opacity set to 1%. This last step is important, otherwise it won't work.

    Set each shape to hyperlink to each of your other photo pages (each of which is outside the navigation bar).

    Cover the 'Start slideshow' button with a completely opaque shape so that it is hidden. You don't want a slideshow of your photo album thumbs.

    That's it.

    No messing around with getting screengrabs or generating thumbnails - let iWeb do it for you.

  • Josh Pike Level 1 (145 points)
    I did it a little differently. I created photo pages for all of the photo albums. At this point, I had all the pages set up except the Album index.

    I created a "welcome" page, named it PicMenu or something like that. I created buttons with the shape tool, and linked them to my individual album pages. The shapes can be filled with photos.

    Pretty simple. You can check it out here if you want ( http://web.mac.com/heidilux/iWeb/Heidilux/PicturesMenu.html )

    , Josh
  • Junkbox Entertainment Network Level 1 (15 points)
    so here's my question (I am very new to Mac's and need lots of help):

    I created a page in iWeb using the BLACK template. Within the ABOUT page template there are 4 thumbnails under an "album" header that can have my own pics dropped in. I was under the impressions that those thumbnails would link to my photo page, but that's not the case. Ideally I would like them to link to various themed folders representing the thumbnails.

    Any advice?
  • Kabing Level 3 (665 points)
    Rather than dropping individual pics in these album place holders, you should drag albums from the mediabrowser into those spots. This will prompt iWeb to ask you to choose a photo page template. When you do, it will create a photo page using all the photos in the selected album. The first picture in the album will be the one to show up in the place holder spot, but you can change it after you've created the photo page if you'd like.
  • Junkbox Entertainment Network Level 1 (15 points)
    Kabing...that's a great tip. Thank-you very much, I will try that tonight.

    Along with that, is there anyway to make a thumbnail link over to some sort of Bio page? ex. Thumbnail of me when clicked links over to a Bio of me with text and picture. Is that something as easy as hyperlinking the 2 pages? My vision is to have a Bio page, but I want it to be invisible until the thumbnail is clicked. I do not want it to be a link from the navigation bar. I want the thumbnail to be the only way to access that page.

    Any thoughts?
  • Kabing Level 3 (665 points)
    What I do for something like that is to use the Media browser to drop in a picture onto the page I want the link on. Then I make the picture smaller using the controls on the corners of the image. While the image is selected, I open the inspector, choose the link symbol (on the far right), click "enable hyperlink" and choose the correct page.

    you can see an example of that on this page

    James Tseng (among others) may have some suggestions about different ways to resize photos and/or create thumbnails; I know he does all his image processing outside of iWeb.
  • Kabing Level 3 (665 points)
    I have since changed the page cited above so it is a text link, not an image link. Sorry! I may change it back one of these days. But the technique I outlined works, even if the example isn't set up that way anymore.