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Is it worth the cost?  I thought the general view is extended warranties are not worth the money, but in this case what do you think?  I am a working mom, who would carry it in my bag from time to time and allow my kids (8 and 10) to use it, with permission.  Any thoughts?  Already feel like I just spent a fortune.

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    Do you have a 2 or 3? With a 2, unless things have changed, you have up to a year to buy the apple care. But with a 3 you have 30 days for the apple care plus.


    One advantage of the plus, it has 2 instances of accidental damage repair for a $49 fee.  Which, if your child drops it accidentally, can save you hundreds.


    If you have a 2 and regular apple care, you can take your time and decide.


    I bought it after I had one instance of a bad 30 pin port on mine. Fortunately it was within a month, but I figured the extra $100 was worth having coverage incase my replacement suffered from the same thing.

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