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I have found several archives for classic games online, but one thing that I can't find anywhere - Plugins for Pillars of Garendall, from Ambrosia software.


I have the Trinity plugin (released by Ambrosia), but there were several user made plugins, including the Spells Expander plugin - http://stark.evula.net/plugins/spells_expander.htm that were hosted at Ambrosia's ftp site.  Ambrosia told me that they don't have anything pertaining to Pillars anymore.


Of course, I have emailed Mike Zeman at the link, but I haven't heard anything back.  My question is, does anyone have any of these plugins hanging around that they could share online?  All of the plugins were freeware, and from my correspondence with Ambrosia, the game appears to be completely abandoned at this point.


Also, if you have any old favorites that you played back in the day on the classic OS', please let me know!  My favorite fun game so far - Squirrel Kombat by Monkey Farm Software. 

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Google Macintosh Garden.


That will be your paradise.

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    Google Macintosh Garden.


    That will be your paradise.

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    This may be a long shot but since my beloved OS9 broke I've been unable to play this wonderful game... Does anyone know where the windows version can still be found? Despite it being abandonware it is impossible to find a download location. I can't even get an emulated version to run


    For some other favorites, try Realmz. It is now freely downloadable at their website (http://fantasoft.powweb.com/downloads.html) for both mac and windows. A great turn based exploration RPG that I love.

    Also, Escape Velocity: Nova is released by Ambrosia and runs on modern macs. The demo can be downloaded from their website.

    This is from my OS8-9, mostly newer games... But other great ones (if you can find them) are AirBurst, Bub and Bob, Project Magellan, Jump Zampoli, Maelstrom, and a ton of others whose names I have forgotten


    But back to my earlier question; does anybody own the windows version of PoG? :/

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    I sent you a message on macintosh garden!  Check that, and if you didn't get it, send me a private message.

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    Link to old Win games for modern hardware.



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    Hi, thank you for that, it all worked out fine. I replied to your message on macintosh garden, though I am yet to figure out how to send private messages. Is the copy that you sent v1.0.2? I havent figured it out yet and was wondering about plugin compatability etc. No big issue though. Thank you for sending that through

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    Just as a follow up to my question - The plugins for Mac and Windows (Pillars of Garendall) are interchangeable - so if you get them for one system, then you have them for both!


    I hope this helps in the search for those old treasures...

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    Just to add my 2 pennies worth to this thread.

    I used to love playing 'Harry the Handspme Executive' (Ambrosia Software) and my all time favorite game 'Marathon' (Bungie Software) the forerunner to Halo.

    Many nights where spent in the office with friends playing 8 player king of the Hill or Free for All death matches


    Oh happy days!