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My Aperture Library is located in an external hard disk.  When I try to access the movie clips in the library from iMovie '11, under Event Library, it somehow shows the library is located in my local hard disk.  Although it shows up in the wrong place, I can still see the video clips inside.  But the problem is somehow missing quite a lot of clips.  I've tried a few things already:


- made sure all the originals are consolidated in Aperture (3.3.1).

- made share previews always available in Aperture.

- repair the permission in Aperture.

- delete the imovie plist and restart imovie.

- delete the imovie thumdnails and ilifeshared from the Aperture library.


But still cannot solve the problem.  I have tried deleting the imovie thumbnails a few times and let iMovie regenerates those files.  My Aperture library is about 300G.  So, it takes a while to process.  But it seems that each time gives me different results.  Say, this time I see some clips missing.  If I do it again, I will see some of those missing ones, but some other clips will go missing.


Is this a problem when I put the both the Aperture and iMovie libraries on the external drive?  Please help.  Thank you!

iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.7.4)