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Posting this for the unfortuante ones who may come after me.  I scoured the forums for days to finally achieve a successful result so I figured I would post the results here for any who are brave enough to pursue it.  Proceed at your own risk...of course Apple doesn't give you much choice.


The summary is that on a brand new Macbook Pro (MacbookPro9,1) attempts to run Bootcamp for Win 7-64 repeatedly failed.  After some searching I came across information on the location of the main catalog Apple uses.  Google searches on "bootcamp driver downloads" should provide info on where to find this.  Then after sorting through the various bootcamp versions I found the one that applied to my macbookpro9,1 laptop.  I should say supposed to work because it didn't work until I got medieval on it.  All attempts to run the bootcamp setup always met with the "The version of Boot Camp is not intended for this computer model." Even when extracting the windows support section from the bootcamp pkg and then running the setup there the same error was given.


So, given that the error was being generated by the installer and this package was clearly supposed to be the correct Bootcamp for my macbook version I decided to 'assist' the installer.  I went and installed the msi install editor InstEd and used it edit the bootcamp64.msi installer that is down inside the /drivers/apple folder in the WindowsSupport section of the bootcamp distribution.  I then went to the table entry "LaunchCondition" and dropped it from the installer effectively removing the platform checks that had so errantly been screwing me.  Then, running the setup.exe for Bootcamp happily ran and installed the full Bootcamp install and all is working now.


Note that attempts to manually run the individiual driver files from inside the WindowsSupport.dmg of the BootCamp.pkg did not get everything working.  It worked for graphics and sound but usb, keyboard lightring, and trackpad functions were still fouled.  Only after the full bootcamp install did all functions get resolved.


<begin sarcasm>Let me just say this was an awesome experience and I would really like to thank Apple for providing me with this opportunity to learn.</end sarcasm>

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