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    Hi MonAleGut,


    The short answer is yes, it should be possible.


    When you plug in your Apple device to your new computer that's synced with your old computer, you probably get the "erase and sync" message.


    Library Tunes will discover your old computer's iTunes Library ID (from your Apple Device) and apply this ID to your new computer's library.  By doing this, you should be able to put new media files on your Apple device using your new computer.  You should also be able to transfer purchases from your Apple device to your new computer's iTunes library.  For non-purchases, you can use a program like SharePod to transfer.


    Library Tunes will create a backup of your new computer's library just in case.  There's a chance there's nothing in your new computer's iTunes library yet, so nothing to lose.


    Again, I have to mention by advocating the use of Library Tunes, although it is a free program, I may receive compensation.

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    For an alternative approach see Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.



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    I need similar is my issue: I have two daily podcasts I download each day to my iPhone 4S on my business PC.  However, when I travel, I take my laptop and download to the iTunes on my laptop in my hotel room.  I used to be able to manage this manually and just add them to my device (iPod at that time).  The last time, I erased everything on my iPhone.  I was able to listen to the newly downloaded podcasts and recover when I got home. 


    Is there any way to sync to a 2nd iTunes while traveling?  I am down to maybe buying a cheap mp3 player to download stuff to when I travel.  I would rather just always put it on my iPhone. 


    Any suggestions??

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    Sync iPod/iPad/iPhone with two computers

    Although it isn't possible to sync an Apple device with two different libraries it is possible to sync with the same logical library from multiple computers. Each library has an internal ID and when iTunes connects to your iPod/iPad/iPhone it compares the local ID with the one the device normally syncs with. If they are the same you can go ahead and sync...


    I have my library cloned to a small 1Tb USB drive which I can take between home & work. At either location I use SyncToy 2.1 to update the local copy with the external drive. Mac users should be able to find similar tools. I can open either of the local libraries or the one on the external drive and update the media content of my iPhone. The slight exception is Photos which normally connects to a specific folder on a specific machine, although that can easily be remapped to the current library if you create a "Photos" folder inside the iTunes Media folder so that syncing the iTunes folders keeps this up to date as well. I periodically sweep my library for new files & orphans with iTunes Folder Watch just in case I make changes at one location but then overwrite the library with a newer copy from the other. Again Mac users should be able to find similar tools.


    As long as your media is organised within an iTunes Music or Tunes Media folder, in turn held inside the main iTunes folder that has your library files (whether or not you let iTunes keep the media folder organised) each library can access items at the same relative path from the library folder so the library can be at different drives/paths on different machines. This solution ensures I always have adequate backups of my library and I can update my devices whenever I can connect to the same build of iTunes.


    When working with an iPhone earlier builds of iTunes would remove any file not physically present in the local library, even if there was an entry for it, making manual management practically redundant on the iPhone. This behaviour has been changed but it will still only permit manual management with a library that has the correct internal ID. If you don't want to sync your library between machines on a regular basis just copy the iTunes Library.itl file from the current "home" machine to any other you want to use, then clean out the library entires and import the local content you have on that box.



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    Alot of people are making this overly complicated.   If all you are trying to do is to get your iPhone music into your husband's library so you can continue syncing with that library instead of the one on your broken computer, do this:


    1.  get an app other than iTunes, such as Senuti, to copy the music from the iPhone to your husband's computer.

    2.  import the music that you copied into the iTunes library on the same computer.

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    follow these steps in your iTune:


    1. create a new "Playlist" for the songs you want to add to your Devic.

    2. Add music/s from your iTune music library to newly created "Playlist".

    3. Select "Music" library from your added device (e.g. Device--> iPhone/iPod/iPad --> Music).

    4. Now in the "Music" library from your device you will see "Autofill From" at bottom (above statistics bar) & select your newly created "Playlist".

    5. Go straight right & Click "Autofill".


    Your music/s from newly created "Playlist" will start adding to your Device.


    thats all.

    Keep Smiling.



    Mohammod Sanaullah


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    Sanaullah - thanks! It worked. So simple

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    you sir are the man!!!! you have all the steps lined out perfectly to the tee!! thanks alot

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    Have you tried deleting the podcast from your iTunes accounts on your computers, then adding the podcast app on the iPhone and adding the podcasts you want back?  It'll cut out the computers and just use your iPhone if you don't mind only listening to them from your iPhone.

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    Hi, I used the free version of iPhone 2 mac (which works also for my iPhone).



    You can either purchase it for 20 bucks and have cool stuff.
    or you can use the free version where you have to do it one by one.
    However, I have 1,300 + songs and once I started I got it over in like an hour maybe (use your keyboard down arrow + click, much faster).


    Also it will say you have to wait for 60 seconds after transferring x number of songs, but if you ignore the message after the 60 seconds are down, it will just allow to transfer unlimited.


    So I am very happy of this program, now I have all my songs on my mac and itunes library (which I will back up right away so I don't have to do it agaiN!! lol).


    Good luck !

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    I would love for this to work but when I go to the "music" it doesn't have that "Autofill From" button you're talking about. I'm not sure if I have a different iTunes or I'm doing something wrong? It would be heaps good if you could reply.

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    Autofill does not come up for me :-( when i try to drag stuff it has a red sign through it.

    Do not want to sync and loose all the music on my phone

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    Man you're f#$%^ awesome Finally I was able to get all that music from my old Ipod to my New Iphone thanks

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    Same here. I create the list use the checkbox at the top only since that's all I have: Automatically fill free space with songs. Have my new playlist checked and only a few playlists are left.


    Backstory: When IOS7 came out, I was told I needed a lot of space to download through wifi. I deleted several playlists to make room. Ever since I updated my iPhone4 (not S) to IOS7, I can only get purchased music and the two or three left over playlists - I cannot add ANY new playlists, any songs from CDs I own  they are all gone.


    Tried to select artists, genres, etc. never works. Rebooted phone several times, have most current version of iTunes.


    Suggestions, please? I miss my good music.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks so much Sanaullah-BD it worked for me on an iPhone 5 wiith iOS7.