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I am trying to find an answer to how I can burn DVD's on my Power Mac G5.


I have tried to follow the threads posted in the past, but they just go on for pages and apages and pages ( literally )

of one after another person chiming in that they have the problem, and isn't it time Apple address it - and no one

offering a solution.


Someone did suggest running a " repair disc permissions " , but when I open it - the CD/DVD drive is grayed out si

I can't even do that.


It will read in CD's and such, but I cannot burn to a DVD.


Someone else suggested different media - DVD+R as opposed to DVD-R, which I don't happen to have on hand or

I would try that.


I would replace the drive but am unfamiliar with Macs generally and don't want to go through the ardor of their special

case and special screws and specioal connectors ( all to replace a special drieve that unbelievably doesn't want to work )



Is there an answer to this problem that seems so prevalent ??


Thank you for any help,



  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)



    You must describe more - What You did do - to get this Error Message


    • Material used as Video-Codec, Audio and Phjoto file format, frames per sec

    • Video editor used

    • How exported to iDVD

    • DVD type of project - 4x3 or wide - PAL or NTSC

    • Brand of DVD used

    • Burn Speed - set or as on DVD


    and much much more


    My General Trouble shooting guide


    When iMovie/iDVD doesn't work as intended this can be due to a lot of reasons


    • iMovie Pref files got corrupted - trash it/they and iMovie makes new and error free one's

    • Creating a new User-Account and log into this - forces iMovie to create all pref. files new and error free

    • Event or Project got corrupted - try to make a copy and repair

    • a codec is used that doesn't work

    • problem in iMovie Cache folder - trash Cache.mov and Cache.plist

    • version miss match of QuickTime Player / iMovie / iDVD

    • preferences are wrong - Repair Preferences

    • other hard disk problem - Repair Hard Disk (Disk Util tool - but start Mac from ext HD or DVD)

    • External hard disks - MUST BE - Mac OS Extended (hfs) formatted to work with Video

    ( UNIX/DOS/FAT32/Mac OS Exchange - works for most other things - but not for Video )

    • USB-flash-memories do not work

    • Net-work connected hard disks - do not work

    • iPhoto Library got problems - let iPhoto select another one or repair it. Re-build this first then try to re-start iMovie.

    This You do by

    _ close iPhoto

    _ on start up of iPhoto - Keep {cmd and alt-keys down}

    _ now select all five options presented

    _ WAIT a long long time


    • free space on Start-Up (Mac OS) hard disk to low (<1Gb) - I never go under 25Gb free space for SD-Video (4-5 times more for HD)

    • external devices interferes - turn off Mac - disconnect all of them and - Start up again and re-try

    • GarageBand fix - start GB - play a few notes - Close it again and now try iMovie

    • Screen must be set to million-colors

    • Third-party plug-ins doesn't work OK

    • Run "Cache Out X", clear out all caches and restarts the Mac

    • Let Your Mac be turned on during one night. At about midnight there is a set of maintenance programs that runs and tidying up. This might help

    • Turn off Your Mac - and disconnect Mains - for about 20-30 minutes - at least this resets the FireWire port.

    • In QuickTime - DivX, 3ivx codec, Flip4Mac, Perian etc - might be problematic - temporarily move them out and re-try

    (I deleted the file "3ivxVideoCodec.component" located in Mac HD/Library/Quicktime and this resolved my issue.)


    buenrodri wrote

    I solved the problem by removing the file: 3ivxVideoCodec.component. after that, up-dated iMovie runs ok.


    Last resort: Trash all of iMovie and re-install it


    Yours Bengt W

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    Just to add to Bengt's great info:


    It is usually caused by poor media. Avoid TDK and Memorex for example. Stick to Verbatim, Fuji, Maxell or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R.


    Also, select a slow burn speed, 2x or 4x.