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i bought an osx 10.4.11 off of a friend. for being so old it runs great.  my problem is i cant get the new version of itunes and the new java scrip software to install. is there an upgrade i can buy without purchasing a whole new computer?

Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    You can upgrade to Snow Leopard or Lion. Intel-based Macs can update to Snow, but Apple only supports Lion for partial updates

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    Which is best for upgrade, Snow Leopard or Lion?

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    But they *want* you to purchase a new computer.  That's why nothing later than OS 10.5 will run on a PPC (G4 or G5). It's also why they dropped support for Classic in 10.5--so people will keep buying new software. It's like when they replace DVD with Bluray--ya gotta re-buy all those movies you already had. How will companies like Apple keep making billions of dollars if people don't keep buying newer stuff..?


    Here in Wisconsin (not a very progressive place in reality), they *recycle* G4's instead of selling them or sending them to some other country. Why? Because the *software* is getting outdated. I'm using a single-core 1GHz G4 right now, and it does everything i've ever tried to do with it--with a few recent exceptions due solely to software. It runs Carrara, Lightwave, and Mathematica just fine, yet i have trouble loading a fricking webpage now because you can't get an updated browser. Pathetic.


    Actually, TenFourFox has solved that for now, but how long will that last..?