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Hi Folks,



I can't delete, reformat, or restructure my raid set. See my screen grabs for error messages.



I have two external firewire drives that I use for back up.

Both externals are 1,500 GB

I have them joined together ( jbod / connaconnected ) because just one drive isn't big enough for Time Machine.

There is one small partion carved out of the 3000 Gb raid set, that I use as an emegency boot drive.


What I have tried so far:

• Deleting the contents of all the drives, so that there is nothing that the system uses on there.

• Booting from the install disk, and launching Disc utils from there.

• Unmounting the drives

• Using the Raid Utility app. Thats only usefull with a Raid card which I don't have.

• Deleting the Individual drives first, then the raid stsructure in disc utils.

• Deleting the raid set first.

• Reformatting the drives.


Here are my screen grabs, in case the max forum size is not readable








Here are my screen grabs, posted at the max forum size


1 Delete Raid Set Failed.jpg

2 SureWanttoDelet.jpg3 ShowsOnline.jpg4 cant reformat Concanected.jpg5 can reformat the 50gb.jpg



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 6 Core