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Is there a Panasonic Plugin to import MXF material via the Log-n-Transfer within FCP7?   Panasonic's site is AWFUL and I'm out of luck.  Right now the L&T window sees the P2 material but is only showing AVC-Intra as a source format so it's ignoring the target compressor setting and defaulting to DVCPro HD 720p60 as a format.  


Screen Shot 2012-07-14 at 10.22.01 AM.pngScreen Shot 2012-07-14 at 10.21.52 AM.png

2.66 Ghz MacBook Pro 15", Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    If you shot DVCPRO HD P2...then you can only import as DVCPRO HD P2.  That doesn't convert to ProRes.  So if you shot with the HVX-200, HPX-200, HPX-500 or other camera that only shoots DVCPRO HD...it will only import as DVCPRO HD.  Only cameras that shoot AVCIntra will convert to ProRes.

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    Thanks for the  help and confirmation of what I was beginning to assume.


    Is this limitation fixed in FCPX or have Apple and Panasonic collecitvely abandoned the support of MXF/P2 in lieu of newer formats from RED, Arri, and Sony?

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    there's no problem working with p2 material fcp7.  Nothing's been changed.  If for some reason you need to work in prores in fcp, you can convert it after you log and transfer. 

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    If by "no problem" you mean that it imports and doesn't touch the source codec, frame rate, audio rate, or pixel aspect ratio then yes, I'd agree but the context of my question is based on previous experiences ingeting P2 material recorded with AVC-Intra which does allow for appropiate transcoding to a target codec, frame rate, and audio format based on the preference cog.


    What's problematic is that the issue/oversight exists within Compressor too.   I found a working solution of using Adobe Media Encoder which properly interepreted the frame rate and audio sync, whereas Compressor simply transcoded video only and didn't know how ot handle the frame rate issue that is so indicative of panasonic. 


    Not tryign to be snarky, just pointing out that Apple and Panasonic seem to have a complete disregard for a working solution to using MXF material recorded in something other than AVC-Intra.

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    If you shoot DVCPRO HD...all FCP does is combine the audio and video files, and wrap them in a QT file.  There is no conversion happening at all.  Lossless.  FCP has being doing that with DVCPRO HD P2 since the beginning...FCP 5.0.4 was the first version to do this.  It never converted DVCPRO HD to ProRes.


    AVCIntra P2 it does convert to ProRes.  FCP 6 ONLY converts to ProRes.  FCP 7 allows the AVCIntra to be re-wrapped as AVCintra files and edited without transcoding...but it defaults to transcoding.  And I beg to differ that FCP doesn't do it right.  I've cut one TV special and a TV series shot with AVCIntra and converted to ProRes.  Zero issues.

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    I'm not saying it's "wrong", just saying that DVCPro HD is handled different than AVC-Intra.   If it works for you and others, then great.   My point was simply that I like the ability to transcode and since it had been about 3 years since trying to ingest any P2 related material I had expected the DVCProHD material to have the same level of transcoding options that AVC-Intra source material does.   Apparently it's silly of me to expect FCP and/or Panasonic to give such options, let alone any documentation on their sites about it.

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    You can Log and Transfer...then use the Media Manager to transcode to what you want. 


    Or Adobe Media Encoder.  You found that solution and I think it works great.  Yes, Media Encoder is MUCH better than Compressor.

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    Hey Shane,  How is media encoder much better than compressor?  Does it give you better quality results?  The interface?  Does it remove pulldown?  I've got it (CS 5.5, maybe they've updated it for CS6), just haven't screwed around with it much.  Found the interface a little opaque, but did finally figure out what I needed to do.

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    As far as I know, Panasonic has no a MXF Plugin. MXF is not FCP's native vide format, You can use Log and Transfer to transcode MXF to ProRes before importing to FCP 7.


    But the Log and Transfer doesn't work well with Panasonic P2 MXF sometimes. If you meet some incompatible troubles, you'd better install a top MXF Converter to convert P2 MXF file to ProRes video format, thus you can directly drag and drop the converted file to FCP 7 editing without L&T.


    I have been using the way for a long time. Very simple, no headaches, no worries and no need for any unnecessary steps.