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It's not the most elegant solution, but it is possible to run AppleWorks 6.2 for Windows in a virtual Windows application - I've done it in Parallels & Windows XP. This weekend the MacUpdate Promo is for CrossOver 11 at a 50% discount. You will also need a copy of the educational version of AppleWorks 6 which includes AppleWorks 6.2 for Windows but you don't need a copy of Windows as you would for Parallels or VMWare.


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    Another option - if you have


    (a) an old mac and can extract the ROM file and

    (b) a copy of Clarisworks / Appleworks on an install CD and

    (c) either

         (1) OS 8 or 9 on an install CD or

         (2) downloaded OS 7.5.3 from Apple


    is to use Basilisk II or Sheepshaver to emulate an old Mac and run CW or AW on it.  As far as I can work out Basilisk II will let you run CW5 or AW5 and Sheepshaver will let you run AW6 as well.


    There is information here http://www.emaculation.com/doku.php/mac_emulation on how to set up your emulator.


    After discovering my old Performa would still boot up after years in the garage and finding old software disks I have AW5 running on my iMac.


    Not only did this make me feel about 20 years younger it reminded me what a great program AW / CW has been over the years.


    See screenshot below...