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leonaminellas Level 1 Level 1
my ipod shuffle is currently empty, fully charged and all software is up to date. however, anytime i try to manually transfer songs from my itunes library to my shuffle, they appear on screen with a grey dot and dont play! this is the same if i use the 'autofill' option from any playlist. any ideas?? please!

Windows XP
  • Michael Morgan1 Level 7 Level 7
    A grey dot means they can't be added and, therefore, haven't been. The Shuffle playlist in iTunes doesn't show what is on the Shuffle, it only shows what iTunes is preparing to put into it.

    First, check your iPS has the space. Is it in Disk mode with all space allocated to that? I'm not sure you can even do that, but it seems like it should be possible.

    Next, check the format of your tracks to make sure that they are ones supported by the Shuffle.