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hey guys, I've been discussing with a couple of friends about what makes the games that we use addictive, and makes you want to use it in your spare time. so of use have some time, could you please describe what you like in an Application for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Mac.


Sincerely, Nick

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    I like puzzle games, but I don't think that's a genre specific to "iPhone/iPad/iPod/Mac". There is (virtually) nothing that makes a game in general more or less likable *because* you can run it on an Apple device. All good games get ported to other platforms and tablets as well, either by their original developers, or as a shameless rip-off.


    In my starting days, I used to like that an intelligent programmer could *amaze* me with detail, depth, and speed in an 48K game (*) on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and keep me occupied for hours. Nowadays, I'm not so easily amazed anymore. I can't recall when I lifted my eyebrows in suprise for the last time -- but the simple concept and clean, basic play of "100 floors" positively made me grin. That reminds me, I still have about 30 floors to go.


    (*) Minus about 7K needed for the display, of course.

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